Monday, April 13, 2009

Alborosie's New Album Gainin' Steam!

Puppa Albo back in a de place, in collaboration with JA's Shengen Clan. He's just released another string of seven inch sure-shots on the Shengen Clan Label with wicked B sides featuring acappellas and hot version excursions... Alborosie teams up with The Tamlins to recut the ever popular Baltimore track an' riddim originally from Sly & Robbie's Taxi Gang. I Rusalem is an adaptation of Alpha Blondie's Jerusalem, well conscious lyrics dem! The hottest scorcher of the bunch has got to be Albo 'longside Dennis Brown for a revamp of the stellar Can't Stand It. Gwaan get yourself a copy, before dem sell out, dem nah floppy. Yes Albo, keep up dem blessed works!

Alborosie - I Rusalem

Alborosie & Dennis Brown - Can`t Stand It


Anonymous said...

very good man five stars ok

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Great his back since 5 years...
What happend to him, somebody knows, or maybe I'been working to much that I didn't notice, was just a year xD
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