Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Selector Dominique's Digikally Murderous Mix!

WestSide Massive's Selector Dominique cranks up di heat inna throwback digikal style an' fashion. Pure niceness a gwaan, inna top a top live vinyl mix session!

WestSide Massive Presents Selector Dominique's Digikal Murdah Mix
P.O. - Intro Dubplate
Midnight Riders - Wanted
Earl Anthony - Sensi Man Rock
Tony Roach - Entertainer
Anthony Selassie - Busy Body
Banana Man - Musical Murder
Kandy Man, Pluggy Terrible, Mikey Melody, Comanchie, John Mouse & General Leon - Ina Disa Sound Clash Dubplate
Pad Anthony - Murder
Robert Lee - Come Down
Junior Delgado - Run Come
Dennis Brown - The Exit
King Kong - Can't Ride Computer
Tenor Saw - Lots Of Signs
Chuck Turner - We Rule The Dancehall
Wayne Smith - E20
Micky General - Kuff'n Dem
Wayne Smith - In Thing
Little Kirk - Don't Touch The Crack
Supercat - Too Greedy
Philip Myers - Ghetto Struggle
Selah Collins - Pick A Sound
Selah Collins - Try Try
Errol Bellot - What A Wonderful Feeling
Kenny Knotts - Watch How The People Dancing
Kenny Knotts - Run Come Call Me
Wayne Marshall - Gunshot
Little Kirk - Killer Sound
Dixie Peach - Pure Worries
Conroy Smith - Original Sound
Banana Man - Take A Lick


Anonymous said...

any chance to download? :(

WestSide Selector said...


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I think that he should work more in the album's cover but it doesn't looks good but I will give it a try to his music.