Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SoulForce's Well Crucial Mix!

SoulForce outta Germany, known for their hotta hot remixes on da Fizzle label dropped this fresh mix for the German radio station "WDR / Funkhaus Europa". A wide range of vocalists ride original an' refix riddims mostly done by the SoulForce crew. Well hot, your productions nevah stop- an' all a dem a toppa top!

Soulforce Essential Mix Vol.1 - 99.3% Exclusive Productions, Mash Ups & Soulfixes
1. Mitch – SoulForce Special
2. Keith & Tex feat. Shabba Ranks – Dukku Dukku (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
3. SoulForce feat. Skarra Mucci – Gimme Di Lovin' (Fizzle)
4. Delroy Wilson feat. Buju Banton – Good, Better, Best (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
5. SoulForce feat. Tippa Irie – All This Music (Fizzle)
6. Shabba Ranks – Dancehall Ram (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
7. Top Cat – Gal A Look Nice (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
8. Top Cat – Gallist (Prime Time)
9. Busta Rhymes & Will.I.Am – I Love My Bitch (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
10. Busta Rhymes – NY Shit (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
11. SoulForce feat. Tippa Irie – All The Time (SF Digital)
12. Lt. Stitchie – Real Life Story (SoulForce RMX)
13. SoulForce feat. Ill Inspecta – See Wi Shine (SF Digital)
14. Cobra – Thug Anthem (SoulForce RMX)
15. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (SoulForce RMX)
16. Mims & Cham – Why We Hot (SoulForce RMX)
17. Lil Wayne – A Milli (SoulForce RMX)
18. Lil Wayne – Lollipop (SoulForce RMX)
19. Lil Wayne – Fireman (SoulForce RMX)
20. Kardinal Offishal – Belly Dancer (SoulForce RMX)
21. Kardinal Offishal – T Dot (SoulForce RMX)
22. Buju Banton – Champion (SoulForce RMX)
23. Ace Of Base feat. Buju Banton (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
24. SoulForce feat. Ward 21 – The Power (Fizzle)
25. Major Jazer feat. Santigold & Mr. Lex – Hold The Line (SoulForce RMX)
26. Drake – Forever (SoulForce RMX)
27. Gucci Mane – I`m The Shit (SoulForce RMX)
28. Tippa Irie – Whole Heap A Style (SoulForce RMX)
29. Ms. Thing – Pum Pum Law (SoulForce RMX)
30. Beenie Man – King Of The Dancehall (SoulForce RMX)
31. Mr. Vegas & Lexxus – Taxi Fare (SoulForce RMX)
32. Sean Paul – Territory (SoulForce RMX)
33. Ronny Trettmann – SoulForce Wochenende
34. Luddy – Militarry Man (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
35. Assassin – Step Pon Dem (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
36. Assassin – Do It If U BAD ! (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
37. SoulForce & Lexie Lee – Buss The Remix Ya
38. Elephant Man – Joke Gal (Cutacombo RMX) (Reggae Remix)
39. Mad Stuntman – I Like To Move It (Jr. Blender RMX) (Champion Sound)
40. Mr. Vegas – Hot Fuck (SoulForce RMX)
41. Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (SoulForce RMX)
42. Sizzla – I`m With The Girls (SoulForce RMX)
43. Jay Z – Encore (SoulForce RMX)
44. Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (SoulForce RMX)
45. Dizzee Rascal – Jus A Rascal (SoulForce RMX)
46. Kool Savas – King RMX (SoulForce RMX)
47. Kool Savas – Mona Lisa (SoulForce RMX)
48. JR & PH7 feat. Guilty Simpson – Top Rank (SoulForce RMX)


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