Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Collie Buddz Album...

Collie's back again, an' dis-ya-one goes out to de gal dem... Private Show features a mellow lover's vibe with deep bass - an' it's sure to nice up the place! Collie's set to play the Bermuda Music Festival this weekend before launchin' his West Coast Fall tour. Check his MySpace for tour dates an' info.

There are heaps of new Collie tracks out deh - the hottest tracks are linked below (there are 2 other posts on this blog 'bout other new collie tracks as well- check dem hotta tracks!)... Be sure to take a likkle listen to Not For No Chain - which is my fave out a deh bunch - a well conscious tune, with a nice rootsy rub-a-dub sound to it star! Do You Right is another banger, with a riddim that seems almost like a cross between the Bam Bam riddim (Murder She Wrote, Bam Bam, etc...) and the Diwali riddim - wicked feel to it - can't help but movin' to dat one! The Gun Play Dub is another interesting treat- Fire Bashment Sound's dubplate features the refixed Duke Of Earl riddim with Collie dropping some freestyle lyrical mashes of several older tracks of his - watta energized feel to dat-ya-one still!

With all these new releases, Collie should have his second album out soon - still some old tracks of his that I'd love to see released ifficially - like Young Gal on the Drop Leaf Riddim (which first got me hooked to his sound back in 2004). Yes Collie - keep dem comin' Iyah an' run dem track seelectahh... Fiyah!

Collie Buddz - Private Show

Collie Buddz - Not For No Chain (Kellon Hill Tribute)

Collie Buddz - Do You Right

Collie Buddz - Gun Play Dub (Fire Bashment Sound)

Collie Buddz - Young Gal (Drop Leaf Riddim)

Collie Buddz - She`s Fine


Anonymous said...

i just saw Collie live in Burlington, Vermont and I'm dying for his new album to come out!

WestSide Selector said...

If it's anything like the (extremely slow) release of the last album, it could be a while still... You're lucky to have gotten to catch him live - I hear that he will be touring with C'Daynger and Roache Killa in Europe this summer... There is a show planned for Amsterdam (probably for the two sevens clash concert on July 7th) - should be a scorcher!!!

musicman said...

Collie Budz is off the hook man ! Would'nt mind a couple specials off him !