Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heartical's Tonight Riddim

Heartical inna combination with the Basque Dub Foundation bruk outta France with a serious 7 inch run on their rub a dubbed Tonight riddim. This riddim has been well versionned in the last year- but the original by Keith & Tex still shines brightest fee me! This freshest batch a come hard still, with wicked roster a singers inna Heartical's pen, check their megamix long wid the names of the vocalists dem... Nuff niceness Iyah, Heartical Sound c'est du pur fyah!

Heartical's Tonight Riddim Mix
Mykal Roze - Hypocrites Warning
Anthony Johnson - Tribulation (Tribute To Dennis Brown)
David "Steel Pulse" Hinds - Positivity
Patrick Andy - Got To Do
Rootsamala - Injustice
The Silvertones - Poverty
Kojak - Freedom Fighters
Glen Ricks - Name Of The Father
Joseph Cotton - Perpetrators
General Levy - Life Hard
Original Uman - Parcours Santé
BDF - Midnight Organ

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