Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movado & Shabba Spreadin' Afrikan Vybz!

NY's Afikan Vybz have been haunting me with this chune, disyaoneya too tough! Even though it's been in circulation for well ova a year- it still sounds boomin' to the ear! Clean production an well layered vocalists give this one a wicked feel, top dat with lyrics full up of good intention- well conscious dat! Thought it be worth a listen long with their Studio One Mix done by Stylish - check the links below... an' watch it cuz Afrikan Vybz be a sound sharper than knives!

Movado & Shabba Ranks - Don't Worry (Afrikan Vybz Remix)

Afrikan Vybz Sound (Stylish) - Studio One Mix

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