Sunday, February 14, 2010

C'Daynger Making Tracks Inna Europe!

Well, all a we still a wait on Trevor Corday AKA C'Daynger's mixtape, promo CD, or whatteva he's gonna release... C'Day's currently touring Europe with dates in France an' Switzerland - doin' shows an' cuttin' dubplates. He's just dropped two new tracks in a move closer to releasing something ifficially. Fingers crossed, this should'nt be too long... Wicked ting dat Trevah, juss naw make us wait fo'evah!

C'Daynger - The Stop List (I Vibes Production 2010)

C'Daynger - Cyan't Tek Away (I Vibes Production 2010)


james said...

anybody know what happened to the dynamitereaggaespot?

WestSide Selector said...

not sure what happened, though take-down is most likely... Missin' the dynamitereggae posts. Undercova, you gots to resurface brotha!