Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Juke Boxx Recuts Stalag Riddim!

JA Producer Shane C. Brown reworks the Stalag riddim, originally cut by Winston Riley's Techniques in 1974, though made mad popular in the 80's by Sister Nancy's Bam Bam, Tenor Saw's Ring The Alarm an countless other versions. This Juke Boxx production by Brown, dubbed the Stagalag riddim, has a nice spaced an' heavy sound - similar to that of Bounty Killa's version on the Stalag: Gun Down. A 'hole heap a great artists saddle up on disya one, Busy Signal drops a Tenor Saw soundin' vocal style on High Grade. Romain Virgo shows a well smooth an versatile style inna Ghetto an Memories. Demarco sounds great without auto-tune on Skull Inna Belly... 'Nuff big chunes dem on a well hot riddim dat! Check the video below, as well as the bonus tracks (with links to video). Juke Boxx a run de riddim an nah stop, ya soun' a true toppa top!

Juke Boxx's Stagalag Riddim video mix track list:

Assassin - Bam Bam
Tarrus Riley - Mi Homeland
Busy Signal - Call the Hearse
Romain Virgo - Ghetto
Demarco – Skull Inna Belly
I-Octane - Nuh Let Dem Kill Mi
Busy Signal – Dun Wid Dem
G Whizz - Nuh Wah Si Dem
Bugle - Criminal Lawyer
Kiprich - Suppose
Romain Virgo - Memories
Chino - Sound Execution
Busy Signal - High Grade
Chuck Fenda - Cease Fire
Elephant Man - Yah Nah Deal Wid Love

Also out deyah - but not in the video mix...
Timeka Marshall – I Say You
Nymron – Caan tek It Nuh Langa

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