Friday, May 21, 2010

Necessary Mayhem's Crucial Digital Acoustics!

Latest release from UK's Necessary Mayhem, Digital Acoustics is a scorchin' compilation of past hits an' new tunes dem. Heavy weight vocalists are featured on these wicked Curtis Lynch productions. The cream of the crop of the new talent outta Europe an' some serious veterans are showcased. Busy Signal 'longside Million Stylez' As Mi Forward leads the way for this stellar release, most likely to be released on vinyl. Check the Necessary Mayhem website for sound clips an' the track list for Digital Acoustics, or click on the image above to link directly. Me cyan't stop from pluggin' the Necessary Mayhem crew, them know how fe do, an' in fine style too!

Busy Signal & Million Stylez - As Mi Forward (Jam 1 Riddim)

Digital Acoustics Mini Mix (Necessary Mayhem 2010)

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