Friday, April 17, 2009

Supersonic Sound A Get Rude!

German crew Supersonic Sound ifficially release two riddims on vinyl this week. The Rudie Riddim is a well fitted relick of Dandy Livingston's Ska Beat classic A Message To You Rudie from the 60s. Nice supa-clean production and interesting choice of vocalists, biggin' up the local and emerging talent. Be sure to check the Supersonic Sound Myspace page for Jr. Blender's Oooh Riddim Megamix as well as other tunes, tour dates and info. Wicked drop, Supersonic your sound a fresh like tonic!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Collie Buddz' Eyez A Well Red!

With his West Coast Tour set to start on the 14th of April and the new album 'bout to drop, here is the latest from Harper Digital's Collie Buddz. A softer sounding tune with nice zouk tones, lyrical content is a likkle paranoid - maybe all dat high grade got him sketched...

Beenie Man & The Meditations Warn 'Bout Dem Shadows...

Beenie Man is at it again, this time revamping a timeless classic, in combination with The Mediations. Woman Is Like A Shadow is a slowed down dirty grindin' riddim, with Beenie issuein' a warning to all men fee take care of dem women deh, if not to face dem consequences.

Alborosie's New Album Gainin' Steam!

Puppa Albo back in a de place, in collaboration with JA's Shengen Clan. He's just released another string of seven inch sure-shots on the Shengen Clan Label with wicked B sides featuring acappellas and hot version excursions... Alborosie teams up with The Tamlins to recut the ever popular Baltimore track an' riddim originally from Sly & Robbie's Taxi Gang. I Rusalem is an adaptation of Alpha Blondie's Jerusalem, well conscious lyrics dem! The hottest scorcher of the bunch has got to be Albo 'longside Dennis Brown for a revamp of the stellar Can't Stand It. Gwaan get yourself a copy, before dem sell out, dem nah floppy. Yes Albo, keep up dem blessed works!

Alborosie - I Rusalem

Alborosie & Dennis Brown - Can`t Stand It

Irie Ites Up To Some Strange Things...

Irie Ites brings together some supa-charged collaborations featuring the riddim building team of Mafia & Fluxy, 'longside Bongo Herman an' Earl "Chinna" Smith recorded at JA's Anchor Music Studio and mixed by Calvin "So So" Francis & Jericho outta France's XXS Studio. Phil Pratt's classic Strange Things riddim originally voiced by John Holt gets reworked by many of JA's biggest vocalists, including Sizzla, Trinity, Lutan Fyah, Chezidek, Lorenzo, Sena & Ras McBean, Junior Kelly and even John Holt provides a revisited version as well. Be sure to check the Strange Things Riddim video mix below, as well as the seven inch versions pressed by Irie Ites, available through most vinyl suppliers and digital versions available through legal download sites. Irie Ites your sound a dynamite!