Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tippa & Di Colonel Once Again!

Third release from Japanese record label El Ricallan, continuin' in their digikal 80s style & pattern, revisiting di Boops / 54-46 Riddim. UK's Saxon International veteran vocalists Tippa Irie an' Daddy Colonel are back again, gwaan tell yuh friend!

Tippa Irie & Daddy Colonel - Tippa & The Colonel Once Again

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wrongtom's 90s Dancehall Mix A Real Brainer!

UK DJ / producer Wrongtom collabs with Brainer Magazine for this well fresh 90s dancehall mix - Brainer Mix Vol.2 Nineties Trample fee true an a free download too!

Wrongtom - Nineties Trample (Brainer Magazine 2011)
Beenie Man & Angel Doolas - Skettel Tune
Daddy Freddy - Baba Loo Baba La Baba Loo Baba La
Buju Banton - Talking
Elephant Man - Many Many
Super Cat - Don Dada
Tippa Irie - Leaf Branch & Stem
Capleton - Number 1 Pon The Look Good Chart
Chicken Hawk - Hawk De Pon De Mike
Daddy Freddy - Rather To Die
Little Lenny - Gun In A Baggie
General Levy - The Wig
Red Dragon - Cock Up High
Country Speng - Shot Too Dear
Determine - Give The Poor The Blame
Top Cat - Tell Me What U Want
General Levy - Original Length & Strength
Capleton - Stay Far From Trouble
Mr Vegas - Western End
Crissy D - Hot Gal
Little Kirk & Alley Cat - Nineties Trample
Beenie Man - Damsel Ship

Singin Gold's Riddim Tuffa Still!

Outta Edinburgh, Scotland a slew of sick 80s digikal inspired productions have been dispensed by Riddim Tuffa Sound. Now on to their 9th ifficial release on their Tuffa Dubs record label, they seem to be gathering steam working with the likes of Robert Lee, Little Kirk, Lt. Stitchie, El Fata, Blackout JA, an' others still. Singin Gold & Symbiz's Marchin On gets reworked in fine digi-fashion, wicked production - well worth di mention... Riddim Tuffa kno how fi ride computah!

Singin Gold & Symbiz - Marchin On (Riddim Tuffa Sound 2011)

Riddim Tuffa Sound - 80s Digital Dancehall Mixtape

Don Corleon Dubs In HD!

Whaa?! A serious dubbin' dis... Don Corleon presents Dub In HD, a full length compilation revisiting many of his biggest riddims: Major, Drop Leaf, Seasons, as well as versionin' some recent singles such as Protoje's Dread an featured below is a top ranking version of Pressure's Ghetto Life with Tenor Saw? vocals prominent inna di mix- BIG!!

Don Corleon - Ghetto Life Dub (Baltimore Riddim)

Nuff Time Mr. Patze A Question Riddim...

Mr. Patze a bring back di Question Riddim AKA Answer Riddim by Upliftment Int'l & Dreadsquad. Wicked version, nuff time mi a play dissya oneya- Gwaan Mr. Patze!

Mr. Patze - Nuff Time (Question Riddim)