Monday, July 28, 2008

Alborosie's Long Awaited Debut Album - Soul Pirate - Still At Sea...

Alberto Dascola AKA Puppa Albo or Alborosie has been makin' waves dropping a flurry of high quality 7" singles on the Forward Recordings label outta JA's Tuff Gong Studios. The sicilian born DJ / Musician / Producer has consciously decided to allow for a groundswell to promote and establish himself outta JA. His promotions start from what he terms his 'roots', releasing his album in Jamaica from the dances up. "I'm close to di people, if I'm doing it for di people, I'm not doing it for myself. I'm close to the inner-city communities. I want my music uplift di people. I want to really take it to the bottom, starting the promotion from the roots," Alborosie said.

His much anticipated debut album Soul Pirate has been ready for release since February of this year- though has yet to be dropped officially- don't be fooled by the unofficial releases... Herbalist, Kingston Town, Guess Who's Coming (To Dinner)?, Rastafari Anthem (on the Last War Riddim), Informer 'longside Lady Ann, Sound Killa, Ghetto, Burnin' & Lootin' feat Kymani Marley, are some of my favourite tracks to date. Alborosie is not new to the reggae/dancehall scene- he's been active for the last 15 years, having helped to form Italy's National Reggae Tickets back in 1993, whose last album Roof Club was released in 2000.

In 2001 Albo decided to move to Jamaica - finding work producing for Gee-Jam and has since been collaborating in the studio with other big names such as Sizzla, Mikal Rose, U Roy, Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Gentleman, Etana and others... The album Soul Pirate is Alborosie's conscious reflections on his life in Jamaica, a life which he views as pirated, hence the name. "I play like six different instruments, I'm a engineer and I mix, so basically the album is me. Its reggae mixed with hip hop, soul and I call it Soul Pirate cause I'm a pirate", he said.

Critics may think of pirate as a form of theft, a European stealing JA's local culture. Alborosie says he does not intend it as a theft, but capturing a forgotten part of Jamaican past.

"Jamaica is a tradition with pirates, to me being in Jamaica you have to be a pirate as a European. I don't really steal music, I see the pirate as a wild person, a rough person as I sail into the ocean, you don't know where you leaving or when you coming back. My soul is a pirate. Soul Pirate is basically my diary. Five years in Jamaica for me, fifteen songs from reggae to hip hop ".

His songs have already created a stir, the video for his first single Herbalist has been banned from TV. "The herbalist tune is just a story of his guy who sell weed from him likkle to big to get rich. Di tune is a big tune in the sound, in the dance." Alborosie has been in great demand - cutting 'nuff dubplates and he's currently doing a European tour 'longside the Sheng Yeng Clan - so check his Myspace page for more info. The first of the sound clips below is his latest track I Am on Germany's African Beat Label's refix of Eric Donaldson's Cherry Oh Baby dat oneya named Cherry Pie Riddim.

Alborosie's Rub-A-Dub revival sound is killa, his wicked production skills are best enjoyed on a boomin' system- so tun' it up so & keep dem comin' Puppa Albo!

Cherry Pie Riddim Mix (African Beat feat. Burro Banton, Alborosie, Uwe Kaa & Phenomden, Top Cat & Spruddy One)

Alborosie - Herbalist

Alborosie - Kingston Town

Alborosie - Guess Who`s Coming To Dinner

Alborosie - Rastafari Anthem (Last War Riddim)

Alborosie & Lady Ann - Informer (Heavenless Riddim)

Alborosie - Sound Killa

Alborosie - Ghetto

Alborosie & Kymani Marley - Burnin`& Lootin`

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Italy's Babaman Sets It Off Like Dynamite!

Bustin' outta Milan's hinterland is Babaman AKA Massimo Corrado - a conscious dancehall MC/vocalist. Dinamite is L'Uragano's second album, it came out earlier this year. He does a lot of collaborations on this release - here is Bassi Maestro's To The Top - featuring Babaman 'longside Quot, Dinamite & Fuori! Check de clip an' see, if ya like what comin' outta Italy. Nice riddim still, Iyah!

Top Ranking Santogold: Diplo Dub A Mus!

Diplo and Santogold drop a Top Ranking 75 min. hottahot mixtape on the Mad Decent label. Sum nice likkle reggae gems and remixes in deh as well- Billie Jean Riddim worked supanice, other stand outs are Sister Nancy's Pigeon Rock, Shinehead's Know Fe Chat, an' Richie Spice, Movado, Warrior Queen & many others...

Watta wicked mix from Santogold's Creator to da Turbulence Notorious Dubplate into Barrington Levy' Send A Moses - HOL' A FRESH!! Check the track listings and samples on Juno UK's website and the tracks below. Boom summerjammin' mix fee true, available through TurntableLab too!

Santogold - Guns Of Brooklyn (Doc & John Hill Dub)

Santogold - Starstruck (Diplo Remix)

Gorilla Zoe, Santogold & M.I.A. - Get It Up (Radioclit Mix)

Santogold - Unstoppable> Turbulence & Xray - Notorious Dubplate (Diplo Mix)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Jams: Collie Buddz' Gimme Love & Mary Jane - Lovin' Da Vibes!

Yes Collie! Back with some pure chill summer vibes. Following up on his self titled debut album from 2007, 2008 has marked a slew of new releases including a collaboration on the Champagne Label with Bounty Killa on an updated Tempo Riddim - Never Snitch - and Massive B's release of the Kingdom Riddim - featuring Collie's Let Me Know (from 2007) with other hotta fyah versions by Chezidek (Call Pon Dem), Burro Banton (Garrison) and others. So let's get down to the freshie fresh... Summer's here and the vibe is LOVE! Mary Jane - Supa Dubs' (Black Chiney) latest production yet to be officially released - is a lover's balad with West End representation- Yesss Iyah!

Gimme Love
is Big League's latest 7" press on the Paradise Riddim, it had been foatin' around on Youtube for a likkle while, but is now championed on vinyl release 'longside other artist riding the same riddim (Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, K Oss, Kenz). Collie is currently touring Europe and will soon be doing a North American tour - finally including a stop inna Toronto at Circa on the 21st of August. Check his Myspace page for tour info. For now, lounge 'round with a likkle sun, sumptin' fee bun and take a listen to sum pure love, inna boom shot stylee!

Collie Buddz - Mary Jane (Supa Dubs)

Collie Buddz - Gimme Love (Paradise Riddim)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Heatwave Lick New Shots Pon De Piano Riddim

Whoa-gosh! Serious sounds comin' outta the UK - Heatwave is settin' the place a blaze! The Piano Riddim is the latest 7" release from the Heatwave Label, featuring Riko Dan, Rubi Dan & Warrior Queen. Wicked tunes with a well fresh original riddim - check their Myspace page for the tracks (if links below nah work) or listen to the Selector mix below. Known for their DJ, compilation & production skills - exhibited in their wicked treatments of some hype tunes with artists such as: Ini Kamoze, Damian Marley, Ms Dynamite, Lily Allen, Shabba Ranks, Mykal Rose, Roots Manuva, Rubi Dan, Riko Dan, and way too many others to mention. Dem nah stop originating, refixing, remixing & mashing it up. Check their website for an unreal amount of (free) high quality downloads - mixes, tracks and a great music blog as well. Heatwave a sweltering heat - too hot Iyah!

Rubi Dan & The Heatwave - Higher Heights (Piano Riddim)

The Heatwave - Radio Mix For The Selector

  1. Tippa Irie & Mungo's Hi-Fi - Ruff Mi Tuff
  2. Kano - London Town
  3. Riko Dan - Hard Life
  4. Blak Twang, Blackout JA & Mr Benn - Long Time
  5. Warrior Queen & The Heatwave - Things Change
  6. Rubi Dan & The Heatwave - Higher Heights
  7. Riko Dan & The Heatwave - Mind How You A Talk
  8. Lady Chann - Touch Di Road
  9. Suncycle & Mungo's Hi-Fi - Around The World Crackers
  10. Spoonface - Pon Di Sofa
  11. Serocee & Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (The Count & Sinden Remix)
  12. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex
  13. Rubi Dan & Sub Zero - Nang
  14. Warrior Queen & Sunship - Quits (Sinden Remix)

Download mp3 (30 mins, 42mb)

The Heatwave - Roots, Reality & Culture Mix

  1. Bounty Killer - Roots, Reality & Culture
  2. Bounty Killer - Look
  3. Bounty Killer & Bunny Rugs - Down In The Ghetto
  4. Bounty Killer - Sufferer
  5. Richie Stephens - Jamdown Riddim
  6. Copper Cat - Tings Tuff
  7. George Nooks, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer, Junior Kelly, Richie Stephens, Morgan Heritage, Nitty Kutchie & Tony Rebel - Peace Cry
  8. Kezi - Ghetto News
  9. Beenie Man - My Wish
  10. Assassin - Visa Line
  11. Kiprich & Wesley Diamond - Gun Ting
  12. Buju Banton - Opportunity
  13. Sean Paul - Next Generation
  14. Sean Paul - Sufferer
  15. Yellowman - Orphan
  16. Pinchers - Desperate Scenario
  17. Capleton - No War
  18. Super Cat - Too Greedy
  19. Top Cat - No Coke Pipe
  20. Clement Irie - Koloko
  21. Tanya Stephens - What A Day
  22. Gyptian - Serious Times
  23. Admiral Tibet, Shabba Ranks & Ninjaman - Serious Time
  24. Chuck Fender - Serious Time Now
  25. Assassin - Serious Time
  26. Queen Ifrica - Peace & Love
  27. Little Hero - Put Down De Gun
  28. Tony Rebel - Guns & Ammunition
  29. Busy Signal - Too Much Gun
  30. Twins Of Twins - Bridge My Light
  31. Wayne Marshall - Peace
  32. Vybz Kartel - Emergency
  33. Vybz Kartel - Rise
  34. Suncycle - Somebody
  35. Sizzla - Live And Do Right

Download mp3 (60 mins, 86mb)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lee "Scratch" Perry Live At Harbourfront Toronto

Toronto massive has been spoiled with the free high caliber reggae concerts lately. Last night Rainford Hugh Perry AKA Lee "Scratch" Perry played to a well packed audience, dropping hits spannin' his 40 plus year career. The mixed crowd - of all ages and descriptions - was well appreciative, responding to Perry's many cues and letting him know what heat he was bringin'. The backing band was a bit of a hodge podge mix - featuring a somewhat sedated version of Scratch's usually hard hitting riddims. Maybe all the sess being blazed slowed them some... and there was 'nuff ganja cloud Iyah! Perry however was in fine form, spewing smoke signals of his own, from his cap and not missing a beat -drawing the tunes out for some deep dubbed out positive ramblings- as inspiring as always. Check the following links for some Lee "Scratch" niceness:

Live clip from Toronto @ Harbourfront, June 30th (POPBOXTV)

Top ranking Lee Perry website, featuring wicked mixes and commentary by Mick Sleeper:

Eternal Thunder - Lee "Scratch" Perry On The Wire

A Wicked Tune - Disco Devil - Lee Perry

Northern Yonge - A WestSide Champion!

For all of you who don't know Northern Yonge, don't feel left out- here's your chance to check this fresh sound, comin' outta T.'s WestSide. Northern AKA Max Cameron has been putting out a steady flow of hot tracks, exhibiting a uniquely creative raw style- none a dem a sound like we! Be sure to check the Myspace page for more Northern Yonge sounds. All tracks are composed, arranged, performed and produced by Northern Yonge. Liza Property (also known as Mama Liza) lays some nice vocals on several of the track- bruck it, 'riginal rude gal- wid dem nails an' ting! West End Sunshine is their latest release- a true WestSide anthem- hot it up bwoy! Keep blessin' up the West- wid a your tunes- dem a de best!

Northern Yonge - West End Sunshine