Sunday, December 12, 2010

Assassin A Step Up Inna Life!

Assassin AKA Agent Sasco is back with a banger fi true. Step Up Inna Life is produced by the Daseca Productions crew, a well fresh riddim similar to Dave Kelly's Turn It Up offa Mad House Records. Assassin a kill it wid dis oneya, Daseca haffi call fi di undertaker!

Assassin - Step Up Inna Life (Daseca Productions)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Peckings Boom Blasts Di 54-46 Riddim!

Toots an' the Maytals big chune 54-46, originally produced by Leslie Kong on the Beverly's label back inna '68, gets a reworking from UK's Peckings Brothers. Gappy Ranks' Pumpkin Belly was the first version dem a cut pon this new riddim ride. A fresh batch a follo suit, wid versions by newcomers Sparkie an' Culan Luke, Tenna Star, Mr Williamz, YT an' G Star - steppin' disya riddim to di timez dem- haul & pull up!!

DJ Lock Steady - Peckings' 54-46 Riddim Mix (2010)

Tenna Star - Thanks & Praise
G.Star - Better Mus Come
Culan Luke - Hustler
YT - Save Mi Life
Sparky - Playback
Mr Williamz - In The Club

Bacy Danny A Gidem Pure Fyah!

Guyane's Bacy Danny spits this freestyle for France's the Ruff n Tuff Sound System, Faya Gidem was cut last year- but di soun' a well fresh still! Bacy a blaze as he rides Massive B's Kingdom Riddim- pure fyah Iyah!

Buju Pon Di Saudi Arabia Riddim!

Buju's out on house arrest an' is waisting no time fi cut some hot chunes dem... Delly Ranx' Pure Music Productions a record dis one inna Buju's home, using di wicked Saudi Arabia Riddim that is mashin' up dance as of late. A lot a bad soundin' copies a float round di web, but di high kaliba soun' version is available for download on ITunes - gwaan support di artist!

Buju Banton - Things A Come Up (Saudi Arabia Riddim)

Madhouse A Crank It Up!

Yes I! Dave Kelly a keep di riddim runnin... Bounty Killer's The Message, sees a whole heap a new versions cut pon dis hot a hot riddim. Madhouse records has just dropped versions by Bounty Killer, Cham, Bling Dawg, Pinchers an' Timberlee.

Bounty Killer - Enemies (Turn It Up Riddim)

Baby Cham - Dat Mi Seh (Turn It Up Riddim)

Baby Cham & Timberlee - Tump Mi (Turn It Up Riddim)

Pinchers - Amazing (Turn It Up Riddim)

Skarra Mucci's Sound A Killa!

Weedy G Soundforce outta Switzerland recut Wendy Rene's After Laughter (Comes Tears) with the one Skarra Mucci mashin' disya version - pure soundbwoy murdah - Weedy G a di sound killa!!

Skarra Mucci - My Sound (Weedy G Soundforce 2010)

Kibaki & Gappy Ranks A Stinkin Rich!

Daseca reworks Gappy's Stinkin Rich from his debut EP Rising Out Of The Ghetto, this time Kibaki gives the chune a well hot intro work an' serious vocal delivery- da Bullet Era Riddim neva sounded so good, lets hope dem a drop more pon dis riddim...

Kibaki & Gappy Ranks - Stinkin Rich Remix (Daseca Productions)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

90s Dancehall Again... Well Fresh Riddim Still!

Whaaaaa?!! Dancehall again fi true! Daseca productions outta JA bring back dat 90s dancehall soun', mining a vein well similar to the Tsunami Riddim (Punany Riddim) an' Trailer Reload Riddim. The Dancehall Again Riddim has been available for a likkle while still, though only the Serani an' Tony Matterhorn version - Again & Again. Followin' up on dat slammer Daseca drops hard hittin' versions by Assassin, Bugle, Beenie Man, Kibaki an' Twin Of Twins (who mash up chune with an' ol' time delivery - soundin' like Tiger or Zebra...) hopefully a better soundin' version of Aidonia's Dweet will surface soon- mad chune dat. It's 90s dancehall again, gwaan blast it pon yuh system!

Assassin - Dancehall Again (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Bugle - How Me Function (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Beenie Man - Tell A Gal (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Kibaki - Nuh Gal (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Twin Of Twins - Me She A Pree (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Tony Matterhorn & Serani - Again & Again (Dancehall Again Riddim)

Kemikal's A Wha?!

Newcomer Kemikal outta JA a bring di ol' school Dancehall rhymin' an' ting on this well fresh Equiknoxx Production. A wha? A woh!!

Kemikal - A Wha! (Equiknoxx Musiq)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gregory Isaacs A Pass On Ova...

Sadly, Gregory Isaacs passed on in London on the 25th, after a long battle with lung cancer, at age 59. The Cool Ruler AKA the Lonely Lover was active in the studio this year, producing tracks for UK's Necessary Mayhem among others... With over 500 albums released in his name over his career (compilations included), Gregory surely left his mark an' continues to inspire. Here are some clips from of his earlier performances featuring live renditions of Tune In an' Poor & Clean, as well as a deadly version of Party in The Slum. Bless up!

Old Bring New Riddim!

JA's Black Spyda Records a drop di Old Bring New Riddim featuring rising artists Chedda an' Sustane. Supa fresh styles on a riddim dat could use more versions fi true, as old brings new- no lie mi a tell, a true!

Chedda - Bad Inna Song (Old Bring New Riddim)

Sustane - Step To Mi (Old Bring New Riddim)

Dave Kelly Back Inna Madhouse!

Baby Cham an' Bounty Killer shine on these new Dave Kelly productions outta Madhouse Records. Nice to see this legendary producer back at it, not to mention that most of the back catalog of his previous productions have been made available for high quality digikal download... Gwaan keep it up star- yuh dun raise di bar!

Baby Cham, Bounty Killer & Mykal Rose - Stronger

Bounty Killer - The Message

Nuh Need Visa To Come Through Yah Speakah!

Jah Cure, Movado an' Rick Ross kill it on this James Beard production for SoBe Entertainment - big chune! A Jah Cure solo version is also out as a lead up to his next album World Cry due out in early 2011.

Jah Cure, Movado & Rick Ross - Like I See It

Million Stylez A Deh Pon Di Corner!

FuryBass Sound System outta Montpelier is at it again - this time revamping Peter Brogg's International Farmer Riddim with Million Stylez saddlin' di riddim with fine style. Move From On Yah was produced in Sweden by Red Cat AKA Nico at Adonai Studio. Out on vinyl an digikally, it nuh folly. Once yah try it, ya cyaan deny it- LIGHTAH!

Million Stylez - Move From On Yah (International Farmer Riddim)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Buju's New Album & Ting...

Well Buju has released his latest album Before The Dawn, as he continues to wait on his trial- now set for December... Though the album rounds up previous works voiced an' cut at Gargamel Studios, it is his latest tracks- recorded inna jail that have been consistently hard hitting. So on the heels of Juke Boxx's Damage Control Riddim, comes Skatta Productions' Pig Farm Riddim. Nice simple throwback style, allowing for Buju to really work the lyrical content all da while! Fresh artist MasSicker's Innocent is a wicked chune billed as Free Buju Part 2 - building up the roster of Buju supporters such as Cocoa Tea, Sizzla, Anthony B, an' others too - yeah man, free Buju!

Buju Banton - Any Means (Pig Farm Riddim)

MasSicker - Innocent (Free Buju Part II)

Flippa Mafia - Popular Demand (Pig Farm Riddim)

West Side A Run Riddim!

Muss say mi kinda partial to da name a dis riddim here, but from back when Gappy Ranks dropped Gun Fight in March on his EP Rising Out Of The Ghetto, mi a feel it. Nice to hear the complete riddim run outta France's Special Delivery Music, with artists such as Slash, I-Octane, Fantan Mojah, Konshens deliverin' da good on this wicked riddim. Special Delivery indeed, set speed!

Slash - War & Crime (West Side Riddim)

I-Octane - Cyan Hurt I (West Side Riddim)

Fantan Mojah - Hungry Again (West Side Riddim)

Konshens - Cross Fire (West Side Riddim)

Yard Vybz A Di Baddest Don!

Inna Jammy's Badda Badda tradition comes the Badda Don Riddim by Baby G AKA Baby Jammys for Yard Vybz Ent. Gappy Ranks, Bugle, Beenie an' Lady Saw are featured below, though a slew a otha versions are floatin' round still. Well bad, baddest even, gwaan juggle disya riddim!

Gappy Ranks - Just Like De Artist (Badda Don Riddim)

Bugle - So Dem Born (Badda Don Riddim)

Beenie Man - Big Woman Ting (Badda Don Riddim)

Lady Saw - U Nah (Badda Don Riddim)

I Octane Sees No Love Inna Dem

Cashflow is at it again, this time I-Octane stands alone on a solid riddim, exhibiting fine form. Check the video below of the recording session at Cashflow Studios, wicked chune- watch for da single out soon!

I-Octane - No Love Inna Dem (Cashflow Productions 2010)

Mad Vybz Pon Di Riddim!

Young Vybez Productions outta JA, bring the heat with this scorchin' riddim drop. New artists flex dem styles with success- yes - Jahmeil, Chan Dizzy, Versatile a do it suh 'longside Popcaan an' Adi da Teacha. This riddim run needs to be played on a real system, pon a tin-pan soun' da bass flop, an' wid a subwoofer, from playin it you'll nah stop, Young Vybez - big up!

Jahmeil - Me Nuh Murdera (Mad Vybz Riddim)

Chan Dizzy - Nah Have It (Mad Vybz)

Versatile - Nuh Frighten (Mad Vybz Riddim)

Popcaan - Jah Jah Protect Me (Mad Vybz Riddim)

Vybz Kartel - Till My Life Ova (Mad Vybz Riddim)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Roots Manuva Meets Wrong Tom Duppy Style!

Roots Manuva is back! ..Well kinda, Dj Wrongtom reworks Roots Manuva vocals from previous albums over classic reggae an' dancehall riddims. This sweet soundin' album is due out on the Big Dada / Ninja Tune label on the 21st of September. Roots readies his next full length album for sometime later this year, and has released a couple of tracks for Ninja Tunes' 20th anniversary CD. Check Butterfly Crab Walk, click pon the title for a link to download the track for free from Big Dada.

Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom - Butterfly Crab Walk Feat. Riddla

Trailer A Reload!

Konshens production, Shabba's Trailer Load riddim AKA Poco Man riddim gets rerun outta Subkonshus Studios. Wicked drop, heavy version by newcomer Dario, sounding well fresh still. Lovin the 90s throwback soun', keep it comin' roun'!

Dario - Mi Own Gun (Trailer Reload Riddim)

Busy Signal - Nah Bwoy Cyan Buy Mi Out (Trailer Reload Riddim)

Tsunami A Mash Up Dance!

Gappy Ranks' Hot Coffee Music in collaboration with Solid Empire Productions bring back Lloyd James AKA King Jammy's Punanny Riddim, made popular by Admiral Bailey' Punanny / Healthy Body back in '86. This version sounds fresh still, with artists such as Gappy Ranks, Chukki Starr, Redd Man, Bugle an' Kibaki givin' it in a throwback style an' fashion, dat dem well deh pon!

Bugle - We Know We Friends (Tsunami Riddim)

Redd Man - Talk Ah Di Town (Tsunami Riddim)

Chukki Starr - Call To You (Tsunami Riddim)

Kibaki - Hands Up (Tsunami Riddim)

Mos Dub Freed Up!

Max Tannone reworks Mos Def vocals over classic reggae riddims from Rocksteady to Rub A Dub with a well fresh infusion of cuts, stalls, vocals an echos. Even bigga, is the fact that Max has created a website where you can download all his remix albums including his newest remix jammer Dub Kweli, in mp3 or wave - for free, an' hotta still is you can get the instrumentals as well- fyah!!

Download the Mos Dub full album or instrumental

Mos Dub - Johnny Too Beef (Johnny Too Bad Riddim)

Mos Dub - History Town (Shanty Town Riddim)

Mos Dub - Kampala Truth Work (Truth & Rights Riddim)

Gappy Sets The Stereo On Fyah!

Gappy teams up with Peckings Productions for his latest album release, this one comes on the heels of his self produced Rising Out Of The Ghetto on Hot Coffee Music (Gappy's own label) featuring bangers like Longtime and Stinkin Rich. A different style is brought out for Put The Stereo On, an album that compiles Gappy's previous releases on the Peckings label and presents a slew of new tracks as well, most on Peckings trademark Studio One / Treasure Isle restored riddims. The tracks below are both from Coxsone Dodd's Studio One productions featuring the Hot Milk and 54-46/Boops riddims, Gappy nuh shy from lettin' us in on his influences, from his dad's 45s to the early dancehall sounds of the one Tenor Saw. The album is distributed by Greensleeves and is available on LP, so nuh slack - gwaan pick up dem track.

Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On (Hot Milk Riddim)

Gappy Ranks - Pumpkin Belly (54-46/Boops Riddim)