Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heartical's Tonight Riddim

Heartical inna combination with the Basque Dub Foundation bruk outta France with a serious 7 inch run on their rub a dubbed Tonight riddim. This riddim has been well versionned in the last year- but the original by Keith & Tex still shines brightest fee me! This freshest batch a come hard still, with wicked roster a singers inna Heartical's pen, check their megamix long wid the names of the vocalists dem... Nuff niceness Iyah, Heartical Sound c'est du pur fyah!

Heartical's Tonight Riddim Mix
Mykal Roze - Hypocrites Warning
Anthony Johnson - Tribulation (Tribute To Dennis Brown)
David "Steel Pulse" Hinds - Positivity
Patrick Andy - Got To Do
Rootsamala - Injustice
The Silvertones - Poverty
Kojak - Freedom Fighters
Glen Ricks - Name Of The Father
Joseph Cotton - Perpetrators
General Levy - Life Hard
Original Uman - Parcours Santé
BDF - Midnight Organ

Movado & Shabba Spreadin' Afrikan Vybz!

NY's Afikan Vybz have been haunting me with this chune, disyaoneya too tough! Even though it's been in circulation for well ova a year- it still sounds boomin' to the ear! Clean production an well layered vocalists give this one a wicked feel, top dat with lyrics full up of good intention- well conscious dat! Thought it be worth a listen long with their Studio One Mix done by Stylish - check the links below... an' watch it cuz Afrikan Vybz be a sound sharper than knives!

Movado & Shabba Ranks - Don't Worry (Afrikan Vybz Remix)

Afrikan Vybz Sound (Stylish) - Studio One Mix

Pinchers 'Longside Sanchez Inna Toronto!

With Pinchers comin through Toronto on the 21st of November, playin' the Sound Academy 'longside Sanchez, a tribute to the great Pinchers is well in ordah. Gloc 40's been floatin' around digikally for a bit now, outta Tuff Gong Studios JA an on the Present Of Love riddim, still due for vinyl release (an' other vocalists to saddle pon dat riddim)... Damian "Jr Gong" Marley has a chune by the name of Holiday on the same riddim, but Pinchers kills it with his signature style an' delivery - showin' that he is still well fit vocally an' lyrically - mashin da tune fee true. Check it!

Pinchers - Gloc 40 (Present Of Love Riddim)

Watta Wicked Colliemonster Riddim Remix!

Copenhagen's Food Palace Music have just dropped their much anticipated 7 inch run on their Colliemonster riddim - by Pharfar an' Pilfinger. On this round of pressings Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Macka Diamond, Nicky Silk an' Turbulence each take a turn at the mic. Here's the top-a-top a de lot - Mykal Rose 'longside Cali P, Natasja an' Mitch for a truly wicked Mr. Collie remix - check da video below, good vibes fee sho!

Roots Manuva A Run Em Out!

Wicked bassssssss dat! Breakage come through with some serious beats for Roots to straddle an' he does it in fine style an' fashion! Check the video for a glimpse at the vocal recording session and be sure to crank dat bass, let it fill da space... Roots Manuva, you got no room to improve. Inna soundclash style, you well versatile!

Breakage feat Roots Manuva - Run Em Out