Thursday, March 31, 2011

Star A Star Riddim!

TJ Records AKA Linton "TJ" White a hit hard wid dis freshie from Yard. Big artist a gather pon di Star A Star Riddim an give their best inna well charged dancehall production. TJ yuh Star A Star a di sickest riddim run, igniting di dancehalls - dem a go bun!

Beenie Man - Good Body Gyal (Star A Star Riddim)

Mr Lexx - Clean (Star A Star Riddim)

Lady Saw - Wife A Wife (Star A Star Riddim)

Flippa Mafia - Star A Star (Star A Star Riddim)

Assassin - Dem Fear We (Star A Star Riddim)

Genesis A Twice As Much!

Duhty beat an' dark lyrics pon dis oneya. Kingston JA's Kalico Productions drop Twice As Much, featuring Scott Robotham AKA Genesis. Kalico Prod. a up an' comin sound, aimin to bring new artists to da front- like to hear more a dem pon dis riddim... Genesis a twice as much, wicked vocal and sweet production touch. Tun up di bass, it a mash up di place!

Genesis - Twice As Much (Kalico Productions 2011)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Konshens' Fashion Addiction...

Nice likkle white label release from Konshens offa di Addiction Records label. Di riddim has a latin bubble that suits the topic proppa, but Konshens playful lyrics a di true toppa...

Konshens - Fashion Addiction (Addiction Records 2011)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gorilla Riddim A Cause Nuff Mayhem!

Curtis Lynch Jnr a mash up dance again, with a wicked riddim based on King Kong's No Touch De Gorilla offa di She Get Up And Scank label outta Tuff Gong Studios. Lynch AKA Da Grynch spaces out di riddim and broadens di scope of sounds with his signature digikal glossin' an nuff hot vocalists him a toss in! Gorilla riddim is out on vinyl 7" an' digikal formats March 14th, check Reggae Sound Network an' record distributors worldwide fe ya own a copy... Dis gorilla a di killa, gwaan Curtis- dem cyan touch dis!

Necessary Mayhem's Gorilla Riddim Mix

Tarrus Riley - La La Warriors
Cali P - Herbalist
Mr Williamz - Viva Marijuana
Chukki Starr - Locked Down
Franz Job - What's It Gonna Be?
MasSicker, Blackout JA & Askala Selassie - Proud To Be Rasta
Ziggi, Tippa Irie & Omar Perry - Jah Alone