Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tosh Works His Mojo Inna Herbman Stylee!

Mojo Morgan, formerly of Morgan Heritage, busts out a de gates kickin' off his solo career by droppin' this heavy refix collaboration with the great Peter Tosh. Herbsman Anthem features Tosh's Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) vocal track an' riddim as the foundation of this unmistacably new tune - vocoder an' all. Mojo brings on a conscious chat 'bout JA's social/political reality, bunin' down de Babylon shitstem - Yes I! Crank it up fee dis ya one, Herbman Anthem it a go mash dem down!

Mojo Morgan & Peter Tosh - Herbsman Anthem (Igziabeher - Let Jah Be Praised Riddim)

FuryBass Launches A Serious Sound Attack Inna Militant Style An' Fashion!

FuryBass Sound System outta Paris, France launches their FuryBass Label with this hotta hot riddim pack. Skillfully selecting classic an' risin' artists to ride their version of the Billie Jean / Get a Lick Riddim, re-dubbed de Militant Riddim. Wicked production an' vibes on these first 7 tracks, presented on FuryBass's own Militant Riddim Megamix. Junior Roy in combination with Colonel Maxwell kill it on the FuryBass Dubplate Special - Sound Attack fee real, love to hear more from Jr. Roy (never heard anything else from this promising yout). Be sure to check the Don Camilo, Biga an' Colonel Maxwell's Militant Riddim promo live session video below, as well as FuryBass' s upcomin' releases - including three more 7" on dis ya riddim, featuring Don Camilo, Andrew Bees, Supa Black and Zareb on their Myspace page. Keep dem comin' Iyah - FuryBass brings the fyah like no otha, votre son est le top-a-toppa!

FuryBass - Militant Riddim Megamix
Michael Rose - Never Let Babylon Fool U
Tony D - Determine
Mikey Melody - Stand Up & Chant
Colonel Maxwell - Heart Attack
Carl Meeks - Help Me Jah
Biga - Nah Buss Mi Gun Fa Nuhum
Murray Man - Break Dem Barriers
Version Militant Rythm (Tribute - Own Mission)

Jr. Roy & Maxwell - Sound Attack (Dubplate)

Video - Don Camilo, Biga & Colonel Maxwell (Militant Riddim Session)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mossman Hits Toronto - Strictly Vinyl Invasion A Crucial Iration!

Serious ting dat - WestSide Massive continues the vinyl throwdown Friday December 19th at Tequila Bookworm. WestSide regulars selectors Dominique, JC & JP will be joined by Montreal's Mossman (Dub Lounge). Crucial sounds - blending Rocksteady, Early Reggae, Roots, Dub, Rub A Dub, Dancehall classics, current international hits and exclusive dubplates. Wicked combination Iyah - Strictly Vinyl - a de top a top, forward still, nah stop!

Collie Buddz & Kid Cudi Bunin' Day & Night ...

Collie's been circulating this one - freshie fresh fee y'all... Wicked new intro verses provided by him. Big up the remix, dis a one a blaze day an' night, rrrright!!

Kid Cudi Feat. Collie Buddz - Day & Night Remix

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tanya Stephens & King Kong - A Scorchin' Powerlink ...

Watta wicked combination release from Powerlink International, known for their mashups - which to date never really peaked my interest - but hold up... Dis ya one a serious scorcher!

The a side features Tanya Stephens' It's A Pity over what sounds like a re-edited version of the b side of Mike Brooks' Come One Come All (All Around Dub) on the Queen Of The Minstrel Riddim - released in 1979 on the Coptic Lion label. Wicked rub a dub feel to it, and the track flows well - not a jarring mashup at all. Lindo P also used parts of this same riddim version on his song Ain't No check his MySpace for the track.

Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity Remix (Queen Majesty Riddim)

As if the Tanya track wasn't enough, they load up the b side with another boom shot - King Kong's Foundation Sound vocals remixed over another classic riddim - which eludes me at the moment. Gwaan get yourself a copy, Juno UK, EB Reggae, etc - all got dem in stock - for now... Nice one - Powerlinkin' it fee true Iyah!

King Kong - Foundation Sound Remix

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Joey Fever & Ky-Enie Mus Come A Road - Prison Oval Rock Riddim Revisited...

Since Mr. Vegas' original banger Mus Come A Road and Collie Buddz' Hustle (not yet ifficially released) few artists to date have come forth with versions of this revamped Barrington Levy classic. Though new tracks are trickling out... Just out is a blank label 7 " released in Europe (check Soundquake or EB Reggae) featuring JA's Ky-Enie and Sweden's Joey Fever take on the riddim. Ky-Enie keeps it on da ganja tip - not a bad tune - but Joey Fever KILLS IT with well conscious lyrics inna timely fashion - yes Daddy Fever, bust dem bubble! Wicked to hear some more vocalist saddlin' dis ya riddim, surely there will be more.... Dem mus come a road Iyah!

Ky-Enie - Lambsbread (Prison Oval Rock Riddim)

Joey Fever - Nuh Follow Dem (Prison Oval Rock Riddim)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Police In Helicopter Again... YT Brings On The Necessary Mayhem!

UK's Necessary Mayhem label is at it again... They have released several new tracks on the Police In Helicopter Riddim and the Shank I Shenk Riddim. Both of these riddims have been doing quite well for them internationally as Bills feat. Blackout JA, Michie One, YT and Mr Williamz on the Shank I Shenk has been climbing the charts 'longside their devastating revamp of John Holt's Police In Helicopter featuring Million Stylez, as well as Mr. Williamz take on the same riddim Babylon In Helicopter (see prior posts for more info an' sounds).

Now for the freshies:

YT - Heat Seeking Camera (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

Blackout JA - Reggae Rebel (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Glenn Lewis - Don't You Forget It (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Mr Williamz - Ganja Smokin' (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Very reasonably priced 320 kbps MP3 digital download versions are available through the Necessary Mayhem website and nowhere else, so be sure to check dem out as well as their MySpace page.

Not just Necessary Mayhem it a - CRUCIAL - Mayhem Iyah!

Junior Natural Steppin' Outta Babylon!

Check this Swedish yute outta Uppsala - at age 13, Junior Natural is about to drop his first full length album. Having cut his first track Number One Girl, which was mastered at Tuff Gong Studios, at age 12, he's been steadily garnishing more attention from the European dancehall scene. He has been featured on several Scandinavian TV shows, French Radio shows and has put out a promo CD entitled Rising Son featuring combination tracks with Lutan Fyah and Lazee - which is floatin' round the Net. He first started makin' waves internationally in Feb. 2008, as his track Fallback was featured on a compilation entitled Scandinavian Hip Hop Invasion off of France's Border Blaster International label. He has a great voice and shows a lot of interest in exploring different styles an' fashions - certain musical influences bubble to the surface in his tone an' flow - Supercat, Yami Bolo, White Mice - strong foundation fee true!

He has performed live on stage and on air with artists such as Shaggy and Gentleman. As Junior Natural explains in This Is My Story, he has grown up inna well conscious environment with his parents providing 'nuff guidance and inspiration (his first track was dedicated to his mother and his father Daddy Natural has provided his expertize as an established musician via his lyrics, riddim building and production skills- as displayed on Fallback). Shaggy's producer/manager Robert Livingstone also had Junior voice a track, which I have not yet heard entitled One In A Million. His tunes Stronger, The Truth and What Is Going On are exemplary of his conscious content and positive vibe - check his MySpace page for these sounds, as well as more info.

Nice to see de yutes dem steppin' outta Babylon - keep risin' strong Iyah!

More Fyah From Million Stylez...

Yes Million's back in da buildin'... Sweden's numbah 1 dancehall vocalist is settin' tings ablaze with a slew of hot tracks lately. Surely, he's gearing up to drop his second album - as the hits keep comin'... Featured here are some of dem - starting with a track from his first album, which deserves more play - Warning - a nice throwback sound inna foundational dancehall stylee - whaaaa!!!! (sorry but the link is dead fee dis one) followed by Champion Sound (Pirates Riddim) off the Necessary Mayhem label and recently the Reggae Gold 2008 compilation 'longside YT, Mr Williamz, Blackout JA, Iverse and Jah Knight - Nuff vibes!

Then it's onto his rootsier sounds - Everyday on the Sell Off Riddim is a nice one drop steady rocker and Oh Jah Jah - on Special Delivery Music's I Love Riddim (same as Ziggi's Shackles & Chains) is what the title implies - a sweet devotional tune. Finishin' off the pack is a dubplate from Cool Rock Sound (dead link also...) outta Sweden featuring Germaican Records' Doctor Darling Riddim and interestingly enough Million's lyrical content and flow are a play on Alborosie's wicked tune Ghetto on the Forward Recordings label.

Run tracks seelectah!

Million Stylez, YT, Mr Williamz, Blackout JA, Iverse & Jah Knight - Champion Sound (Pirates Riddim)

Million Stylez - Everyday (Sell Off Riddim)

Million Stylez - Oh Jah Jah (I Love Riddim)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Strictly Vinyl A De Wickedest Sound!

Toronto's WestSide Massive presents a new night of sweet sounds, the way they were meant to be heard - Strictly Vinyl Iyah! Showcasing rocksteady, roots, dub, rub a dub, dancehall classics and current hits from all ova... The Molotov Mash Up! crew (Dominique, JP & JC) team up with (West Coast Selectah) Mandai for what will surely be a serious scorcher. Keep mashin' it in a style an' fashion, as vinyl truly is de numbah 1 sound around!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

John Holt Live In Concert At The Phoenix

Well it's been 4 years since John Holt has been to town, this Friday November 14th he's set to play the Phoenix 'longside Clive Chin's Black Moses Sound and Friendlyness & The Human Rights. The concert is part of the Randy's 17 North Parade label's 50th anniversary and commemorative 2 CD Reggae Anthology release. Brown Eyes Entertainment has put together what looks to be a wicked show, crucial sounds... Speakin a dat - check this hotta John Holt promo mini mix they put out by DJ Agile.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Chukki Starr Exposes Dem Back Door Deal!

It's been more than a year since Cou$ins Records label boss Donville Davis released an album in his "Rhythm 2 Rhythm Series" (though he did remain active active issuing compilations and one-riddim album in his "Ride The Rhythm" series over the last year) but now here's the 9th volume in this series "Rhythm 2 Rhythm Vol. 9 ~ Fort Augustus / Craven Puppy" riding two great relicks of classic riddims by the Stingray posse (Paul 'Jazzwad' Yebuah, Sista's Valerie 'Vybz' Skeete & Stanley Andrews laid the riddims for Carlton 'Dillie' & Raymond 'Sting' McLeod).

A relick of Junior Delgado's "Fort Augustus" from 1979 for Sly & Robbie's Taxi label and of Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Craven Choke Puppy" from 1971 self-produced for their own Tuff Gong label. Featured here is UK artist Chukki Starr's Back Door Deal on the Fort Augustus riddim, a timely tune considering the economic shitstem and corporate "bail out" kulcha. Chat de truth Chukki 'cuz it must reveal!

Chukki Starr - Back Door Deal (Fort Augustus Riddim)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inaugural Repost: Selector Dominique's Deep Roots Mix

Yes I!
Due to copyright issues the first post on this blog got wiped out... So here it come again (minus the download link- which is ez to google anyway) -Inaugural repost fee y' all- WestSide Massive's Selector Dominique drops his 1st mix from back in 2004. Deep Roots fee true!

Selector Dominique - Deep Roots

------Stealing Riddim------
1. John Holt - Stealing
2. Al Campbell - Rude Boy Deh A Street
3. Gregory Isaacs - More Attention
4. Luciano - Ulterior Motive
------Hot Milk Riddim------
5. Carlton Livingston - 100lbs A Collie Weed
6. Barrington Levy - Murderer
7. Bounty Killa & Barrington Levy - Murderation
------African Rock Riddim------
8. Capleton & Yami Bolo - Put Down your Weapon
9. Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi
10. Bounty Killa & Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi
------Stormy Weather Riddim------
11. Norrisman - Stick to the Roots
12. Chronicle - Jah Rise
13. Anthony B - Can't Buy We Out
------Queen Majesty Riddim------
14. Norrisman - Jah Is The Ruler
------Doctor's Darling Riddim (Night Nurse Refix)------
15. Anthony B & Seeed - Waan Back
16. Tanya Stephens - It's A Pity
17. Junior Kelly - Corruption
18. Sizzla - Pure Love
------Mad Sick Riddim------
19. King Kong - Legalize It
20. Predator - Me Lucky
21. Choppa Chop - Don't Disturd Dis
22. Sizzla - Keep On

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heartical & BDF's Ministerio Del Dub A Pure Fyah!

Celebrating their 10th anniversary in fine style - what a wicked collaboration on dis ya riddim Iyah! France's Heartical Label teams up with the Basque Dub Foundation and get a final mix down from London's Dub Terror. Incredible roster of veteran vocalists saddle pon de Ministerio Del Dub Riddim, including the late great Alton Ellis, David "Steel Pulse" Hinds, Earl 16, Mykal Roze, Sugar Minott, Zareb, Papa Kojak, Little Roy and Carl Dawkins. On the flip of the Carl Dawkins version is France's Lady M's debut single in combination with JA's Antonio - a nice french/patois adaptation of Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love mixed by Trevor T.

This series of 7" singles should be out any day now, with a serious dub on the b-sides. A rootical sound indeed, as BDF drops a riddim reminiscent of the golden sound of the Root Radics 'longside Scientist or even, as the first seconds of the mix below remind me a lot of King Kong's Rumble Jumble Life (on Massive B's Cuss Cuss riddim). Check Heartical's MySpace page or website for more info, tracks and dubplate specials. Listen to Heartical's Ministerio del Dub riddim mix by clicking on the labels below. Yes Heartical Sound- keep mashin Babylon down!

Tracklist :
1. Alton Ellis O.D - Peaceful Valley
2. Sugar Minott - Trodding
3. Little Roy - Remember Jah
4. Carl Dawkins - Doggy Dog World
5. Earl 16 - Virtual Generation
6. David Hinds - Jah Vengeance
7. Michael Rose - Wah Dat
8. Zareb - Ghetto Youths

Lick Back The Riddim... Lutan Fyah & Spectacular Kill Dem Sound!

France's Irie Ites is at it again - this time they are droppin' their killa dubplate re-voiced for optimal sound and issued on 10" in order to showcase the much in demand instrumental version on the flip. Lutan & Spectacular's Kill Dem Sound is bound to mash up the dance, as their vocal styles top the supa-nice revamped version of Derrick Harriott's Stop That Train Riddim, dis-ya-one a named the Stop That Sound /Lick Back The Sound Riddim. Watch for the vinyl and digital download release in early November and enjoy the pre-release video below. Irie Ites votre son est tops, n'arrêtez pas avec vos boom shots!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Soulforce's Dukku Dukku Remix A De Numba One Sound - Keith & Tex Featuring Shabba Ranks Killin' Tonight!

The first I heard of this scorcher was on a YouTube video of Pow Pow Movement Mamanera Summer 2008 - nuff vibes!!! After much anticipation, Soulforce - a prolific DJ / production team outta Germany - brings you this hotta-hot refix of Keith and Tex's Rocksteady classsic Tonight, which has just been released on 7" on the Fizzle label. Not only do they beef up the bass and drum line of Derrick Harriott's original riddim, Soulforce wisely and craftfully weave Keith and Tex's vocals with Shabba Ranks into the mix - wicked combination Iyah! Check Soulforce's MySpace for more info and tracks.

Keith & Tex Feat. Shabba Ranks - Dukku Dukku RMX (Soulforce)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Suga Roy & Conrad Crystal 'Longside Barrington Levy & Beenie Man Revive The Intercom Riddim

Well after a short delay this long awaited 7" finally has hit the stores (Irie Ites). Suga Roy and Conrad Crystal drop She Call Mi Phone on the Fire Ball label as a teaser for what's to come on their second full length album, which will be out soon. Wicked combination track with Beenie Man and Barrington Levy as they refix Jah Screw's Intercom / Black Rose riddim issued originally for Barrington's massive hit on the Time One label Here I Come. Two mixes are featured here, a hip hop blend (video) and a reggae version featurin' Joe Lickshot' s intro chat for da real Jamaican feel. Speakin' of real feel, a live clip of Barrington from '84 has also been posted - a hot foundational tune fee sho', keeps dem versioning it galore!

Suga Roy, Conrad Crystal, Beenie Man & Barrington Levy - She Call Mi Phone (Intercom Riddim)

She Call Mi Phone Video (Hip Hop Mix)

Barrington Levy - Here I Come (Live 1984)

New Collie Buddz Album...

Collie's back again, an' dis-ya-one goes out to de gal dem... Private Show features a mellow lover's vibe with deep bass - an' it's sure to nice up the place! Collie's set to play the Bermuda Music Festival this weekend before launchin' his West Coast Fall tour. Check his MySpace for tour dates an' info.

There are heaps of new Collie tracks out deh - the hottest tracks are linked below (there are 2 other posts on this blog 'bout other new collie tracks as well- check dem hotta tracks!)... Be sure to take a likkle listen to Not For No Chain - which is my fave out a deh bunch - a well conscious tune, with a nice rootsy rub-a-dub sound to it star! Do You Right is another banger, with a riddim that seems almost like a cross between the Bam Bam riddim (Murder She Wrote, Bam Bam, etc...) and the Diwali riddim - wicked feel to it - can't help but movin' to dat one! The Gun Play Dub is another interesting treat- Fire Bashment Sound's dubplate features the refixed Duke Of Earl riddim with Collie dropping some freestyle lyrical mashes of several older tracks of his - watta energized feel to dat-ya-one still!

With all these new releases, Collie should have his second album out soon - still some old tracks of his that I'd love to see released ifficially - like Young Gal on the Drop Leaf Riddim (which first got me hooked to his sound back in 2004). Yes Collie - keep dem comin' Iyah an' run dem track seelectahh... Fiyah!

Collie Buddz - Private Show

Collie Buddz - Not For No Chain (Kellon Hill Tribute)

Collie Buddz - Do You Right

Collie Buddz - Gun Play Dub (Fire Bashment Sound)

Collie Buddz - Young Gal (Drop Leaf Riddim)

Collie Buddz - She`s Fine

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ziggi Busts Dem Shackles & Chains!

Ziggi was born on march 8 1981 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Growing up on the Caribbean island of St. Eustatius the young Ricardo Blijden was given the nickname Ziggi by his grandparents who raised him. In 2001 Ziggi went to the Netherlands to study. It was in that time when he was introduced to Mr. Rude the owner of an independent studio and label called Rock’N Vibes Entertainment. Soon afta, chillin' in the studio with friends became a professional musical career for Ziggi.

In 2006 Ziggi's debut album So Much Reasons was released, featuring collaborations with artists such as Turbulence and Elephant Man. In 2007 Ziggi recorded Blaze it - the tune that he is best known for - on Zap Pow's Last War Riddim (same version as Collie Buddz' Come Around). Blaze it had a major impact internationally and held the #1 position in the official German reggae charts for several weeks.

In September 2008 Ziggi's second album In Transit was released, featuring artists such as Gentleman, Anthony B and Ce’Cile. Shackles & Chains is one of the hotta tracks off the album and was released earlier this year as a 7" on the Special Delivery Music label- check for other artists riding the Seven Riddim from this same label. Another tune off the album that is makin' waves is Need To Tell You This featuring Root Down's I Love Riddim - really feelin' Ginjah's version on dat riddim too Iyah - watch for it...
Yes Ziggi - keep bustin' dem shackles an' chains!

Ziggi - Shackles & Chains (I Love Riddim)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

C'Daynger Steps Inna Bad Man Place!

Straight outta Bermie's West End comes another big tune from the Harper Digital Crew. New C'Daynger track fee y'all - Bad Man Place is off a mix tape- unfortunately not his own, as far as I can tell... Though it sure would be nice - guess we all gotta wait a likkle longer fee dat one. C'Day sends dis a one out to de haters, puttin' dem to rest - yes! Check the June 6, 2008 Reel Up Selector! blog posting for more C'Daynger tracks and his MySpace page for more info. Wicked Treva - keep mashin' da dance!

C'Daynger - Bad Man Place

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Collie Buddz Hustles A Likkle Prison Oval Rock Riddim!

Since Mr. Vegas' Mus Come A Road 7" single release last month on the A Team label, the Prison Oval Rock Riddim Version refixed by Rellee (on the b side) has been floatin' round... Here is a fresh new vocal version, brought to you by Collie Buddz, dis oneya named Hustle. The production of the instrumental track is virtually unchanged, just a likkle drop and boost here and deyah. Barrington's snippets are maintained and Collie's vocals have a raw freestyle flow to dem, nice lyrical content too- as he describes his experiences crossin' borders after havin' built up a rep for his tune Come Around - yes-I, another ganjaman anthem... True ya nah stop Collie, make it bun!

Collie Buddz - Hustle (Prison Oval Rock / Mus Come A Road Riddim)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kardinal Offishall - Not For Sale, But His New Album Is...

Yes, yes Kardinal Offishall's back - T. representin', 10 years and goin' strong! Kardi's fourth album was dropped by Kon Live / Geffen Records last week. Not For Sale - is a showcase style album featuring some wicked tracks and collaborations with artists such as Akon, Lindo P, Estelle, T Pain, The Clipse, Rihanna, Glenn Lewis, J Davey and the Dream. Two tracks that I just can't get enough of are Burnt, the album opener that sets the right vibe with Kardi's signature style an' fashion, 'longside Lindo P. - see video below, and Nina- which is a nicely tweaked yet still classic soundin' version of Slim Smith and the Uniques' Conversation riddim - another wicked Supa Dubs (Black Chiney) production. There are many hot tracks on this album still Iyah- the more you listen the more it grows onya!

Kardinal Offishall - Nina (Conversation Riddim - Supa Dubs)

Kardinal Offishall & Lindo P - Burnt (Street Video)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Michie One Risin' High With A True Rockers Revolt!

London's Michie One launched her career as a duo act with talented reggae singer Louchie Lou, gaining a fiersome reputation for their fresh melodies and distinctive reggae/ragga style. Michie One's outstanding writing and chatting skills influence many current pop acts. Her versatility has led her to perform with top artists such as Shaggy, Beenie Man, Chaka Demus & Pliers and Sizzla. Signed to London records and to China Records, she toured the world performing in stadiums, arenas and international festivals. More recently on Interscope and Lakeshore Records, she toured America supporting Beenie Man. Michie One co-wrote Rich Girl with Louchie Lou, which was later covered by Gwen Stefani and became a world wide smash hit last year. Their original version is regarded as a Dancehall classic. As a well respected songwriter, she collaborated with Sly & Robbie. Her songs feature on Hollywood Blockbusters: The Sweetest Thing, Basketball (south Park) and Milk Money.

Michie One has brought together her musical experience and creative talent to deliver her original debut solo album, The Power of One. Power of One - The Album Michie One has brought her love of all reggae styles from roots to ragga to this diverse and original album. Her unique vocal style combines with the latest reggae dancehall rhythms to produce exciting flavours with unforgettable melodies. Be sure to check out her latest release Bills on the Necessary Mayhem label outta the UK, bringin' the heat with the Shank I Shek riddim, in collaboration with YT, Blackout JA and Mr Williamz.

PAMA INTL - Highrise ft. Michie One (12 inch)

This killer single on the Rockers Revolt Records label outta UK, features a rootsy lovers' rendition of Eric Donaldson's Cherry Oh Baby riddim ridden by Michie One, it is off the Love Filled Dub Band album. The track was produced by John Collins (Ghost Town) and Sean Flowerdew. Click the 12'' label below for the free full version download link from the good peeps at Rockers Revolt Records. Fresha track still Iyah...

Yes Michie, make dem know!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jamaican Boy - Estelle's American Boy Gets A Classic JA Treatment Inna Bost & Bim Stylee Featuring Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger!

Bustin' outta France with a classic Jamaican sounding version, (Matthieu) Bost & (Jeremie Dessus) Bim drop a heavy adaptation of Estelle and Kanye West's American Boy entitled Jamaican Boy. What a wicked original rootsy riddim - dat one ya named Muddy Skank, topped nicely with hot vocal deliveries by California's Brisa Roché and Jamaica's one and only Lone Ranger! This track represents the first official release on the newly renamed Bombist Officials label (following their 20 prior 7" mashup hits on the Bombist Records label). Check the Bost & Bim Myspace page or their website for more tracks and info on this prolific remix, DJ and riddim cuttin' duo. The Jamaican Boy single (with b side dub) will be released on 7" vinyl and should be available any day now. This one a sure shot and spicier than the peppa pot! Bost & Bim - c'est trop fort les gars, continuez comme ça- hotta-fyah!

Bost & Bim Feat. Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy (A Side)

Bost & Bim Feat. Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy (B Side - Dub Version)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Quantic Killin' It Revolution Wise!

Unmistakably Quantic, but with an emphasis on reggae inspired sounds, “Death Of The Revolution” is sizzling with summer heat and tropical influences. Nice and chill for the end of summer vibes...

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno is the latest in the constantly evolving series of musical outings from the unstoppable Will Holland – aka Quantic – and amazingly ‘Death Of The Revolution’ represents his tenth full album release on Tru Thoughts. The concept and style of the Flowering Inferno project rests simply on pleasurable, easy-to-listen dub and reggae inspired music made in a tropical climate; and the standard and scope of the music is as dazzling as one has come to expect from this prolific, globe-trotting maestro.

As on ‘Tropidelico’, Holland’s last acclaimed album with The Quantic Soul Orchestra, the Colombian location in which this music was made and recorded has imbued it with an authentic and irresistible exotic air. All the tracks trip along on a reggae/dub vibe and are built on mainly hip hop orientated beats, with Holland in multi-instrumentalist mode, playing the piano, guitar, accordion and more – including Colombian instruments such as the Guacharaca, a small wooden scraper instrument, and the Gaita. Guest performances also come from a host of Latin American musicians. On Juanita Bonita, the closing track, the evocative piano part is played by Peruvian Alfredo Linares who recently put in show-stopping performances when he appeared in the UK for the first time as part of The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s tour in March.

More a progression for Quantic than a change of direction, the inspiration to create the Flowering Inferno project came from listening to a lot of mid-70s dub albums and artists like Don Drummond and Bull Wackies; and also Colombian artists like Pedro Laza and Michi Sarmiento from the north coast. The basic ideas for the tracks were conceived and laid down over a three-week period in the living room of Holland’s Colombia home, when his studio was in the process of being built. Over that time, using the piano and a small makeshift recording setup, the key ideas and hooks emerged and, as Will Holland says “when the studio was finally ready, the paint barely dry, it was given its maiden voyage on this material”.

Westbound D Train
is my favourite track from this session, which is yet to be released as a single- Dennis Brown's classic reworked inna nice and jazzy end of summer kinda vibe. There will be more single releases, following Death Of The Revolution and Ciudad Del Swing in the coming weeks, check Tru Thoughts' website for more info.
All aboard!

Quantic - Westbound D Train

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Million Stylez Mashes John Holt's Police In Helicopter- Inna Fine Style!

Million Stylez AKA Kenshin Iryo is a Swedish-born dancehall artist. He lives in Stockholm and has French and Japanese roots. He first broke outernationally inna 2006, releasing the single Miss Fatty on the KBC label- a wicked riddim dat! an a crazy b side version on the 85 riddim which had great success on dance floors and among DJs all over the world. He followed it up with a red-a-fyah version of Fade Away 2006 'longside Junior Byles which was also released on his From A Far debut album in the same year.

Now fresh for the end of summer jams, Million brings on the heat! Outta the UK, Necessary Mayhem Records have just released a refixed police in helicopter riddim. Featuring the original John Holt / Junjo Lawes riddim an a whole heap' a extras (including some Barrington Levy's Under Mi Sensi samples- Whaaa!). Million Stylez tells us about the police trying to mash down the healing of the nation... A classic Million anthem for the future, for sho...

Check Mr Williamz (outta London NW10- a relative newcomer)'s version Babylon In Helicopter - a BIG tune (featuring Collie Buddz' Come Around samples)! Both tracks as well as YT and Blackout JA's b side versions (on the Shank I Shek riddim) are available as 320 kpps MP3 Downloads on the Necessary Mayhem Website and have just been released on two 7" records. Yess Boss!!

Million Stylez & John Holt - Police In Helicopter (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

Mr Williamz - Babylon In Helicopter (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Roots Manuva - Again & Again

Press Release :
"Again & Again," the second single from Roots Manuva's forthcoming long-player,"Slime & Reason," is a summery blast of warmth and humour with a simple message to impart - that you don't have to be a plastic, manufactured 'Pop Idol' to make popular music that people are going to love.

While the album version of the tune is built around a classic Manuva production and Captain Pugwash keyboard, the single version was dreamt up by Shy-FX. The man took a day off from drum & bass rollouts and instead added a full horn section and general liveness to get Mr Manuva in laid back, celebratory mood. It's a carnival anthem in the making but with the kind of easygoing charm that should take Rodney Smith to a much, much wider audience. All without losing any of the soul that has made him one of the UK's most consistent, innovative and successful black performers.

The package is rounded out by a couple of very fine remixes. The Arctic Monkeys have been on record since their early days as huge fans of Roots Manuva, and when drummer/producer Matt Helders was given an opportunity to rework "Again & Again" he jumped at the chance. The result is suitably wonky and hype, all without a guirar in sight. To finish things up Tony Thorpe has cooked up another fantastic Moody Boyz remix (after recent successes with Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse) with a militant steppaz feel and enough bass to keep all and sundry happy…

Listen. Then listen again. And again. And again…

Roots Manuva
- Again & Again
(7"/12"/MP3) Big Dada BD122/BDS122/BDDNL122, 2008-08-25

Tracklisting :
01. Again & Again (Radio Edit)
02. Again & Again (Original) 03. Again & Again (Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) Remix)
04/ Again & Again (Moody Boyz Remix)

Back To School Special: Get Reggaeducated!

This 2002 documentary directed by Mike Connolly is well worth viewing- wicked interviews and insights indeed! Being a BBC doc makes it so that the perspective is definitely very UK and focuses more on the commercial side of reggae from the late 70s on.... Each of the 3 parts are just a little under an hour and there is a little lag between the audio and video linked below (better versions can be found through various torrent sites) crucial reggaeducation still Iyah!

The early roots of reggae music, and its rise to popularity. How the music was used to recount experiences and songs of social commentary were written. In the sixties immigration from Jamaica to the UK increased and brought Jamaican music. Ska picked up a white fan base. The programme also covers both the music scene and the social climate in Jamaica during the sixties. By the end of the sixties reggae had established itself as mainstream pop music in Britain, and was increasingly recorded in this country by Dandy Livingstone, Eddy Grant and Greyhound etc.

A look at reggae in the 1970s, when, ten years after independence from Britain and the harsh economic conditions were taking their toll, the disillusioned and dissatisfied Jamaican youth channeled their anger into roots music. The era gave rise to Bob Marley, the country's first superstar, Lee "Scratch" Perry, reggae's most notable producer, and King Tubby, who popularised 'dub', the remixing of existing records. In Britain, black youth latched on to the roots sound to create their own version, Brit reggae, with bands such as Steel Pulse and Aswad emerging.

Examines the progression of reggae after the death of Bob Marley, including the start of dancehall. In America reggae had a connection with hip-hop and DJ Shabba Ranks saw his popularity rise and fall. Looks at how Jamaican street styles have achieved a dominance in Britain and the rise of New Roots in Jamaica.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tanya Stephens & Shabba Ranks Set These Streets Ablaze!

Wicked remix from the Russian Federation's Knut Posse - straight outta Viborg- Yah! I came across these guys a couple a years ago when they released an amazing remix of Collie Buddz' Come Around over Ricky and Bunny's Bushweed Corntrash. They have since released two other seven inch singles, including a hottahot version of Richie Spice's Earth A Run Red with Capleton and Bounty Killa, and Sizzla over Alton Ellis' Too Late (To Turn Back Now).

These Streets
is their latest remix, featuring Tanya Stephens' These Streets and Shabba Ranks' Original Woman over Dre's Still D.R.E. beat and has yet to be officially released- check their MySpace for more info and other tracks.

Tanya Stephens & Shabba Ranks - These Streets (Still Dre Riddim - Knut Posse Remix)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sizzla's Red Wine To Gaze Hotta Still....

The Jiggy RMX label 'longside producers Mashitup Kru outta France dropped this tune a couple of years ago, but I'm still feelin' it's freshness. Nice summer vibes and probably the only UB40 track that I can stomach. UB40's Red Wine meets Sizzla's Gaze. Dis a one a real crowd pleaser, it mashed up the Cocktail Molotov, for the WestSide Sound Crew's final appearance last Friday- de gal dem could'nt help but wind & grind pon de bar... Hotta fyah! Click on the 7" label for a link to the download offered up by the good folks at Jiggy RMX, or listen to the track by using the link below.

Sizzla & UB40 - Red Wine To Gaze (Jiggy Rmx)