Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tighten Up Toronto!

Watta wicked collaboration Iyah, Toronto's Dancehall scene is set on fyah! WestSide Massive Sound Crew relaunch their Strictly Vinyl night as Tighten Up! WSM selectors Dominique, JP an' JC are joined by special guests Anousheh, Zigga, Mandai, Pablo an' Sir Greg for this byweekly scorcher covering the Rocksteady era right up to da times dem with the latest in outernational Dancehall an' New Roots. Next night will be on the 2nd of January at Tequila Bookworm (Upstairs) followed by every otha Sattaday after that. Strictly Vinyl still, Tighten Up! dem dippy dippy mp3 sounds you a go kill! Forward seeeelectah!

Firehouse Meets Masa Inna Rock A Shacka Japan!

Pirate's Choice is the name of a radio show put on by Masa outta his record shop Rock A Shacka in Osaka, Japan. Featured below is a mix dropped by Firehouse (DK)'s Junior an' JG outta Denmark. Nice Rocksteady rarities an' dubplates come down like rain, with japanese comments runnin' throughout. Be sure to check out da mix as well as the Rock A Shacka website for more podcasts an' vinyl too.

Firehouse DK @ Rock A Shacka - Dubplates & Rarities (Pirate's Choice #229)

Necessary Mayhem Hittin It Twice!

Riddims so nice dem a drop dem twice... Two fresh riddim revamps by Necessary Mayhem's Curtis Lynch, comin' your way with dem boss DJ. The Inner City Lady Riddim based on Gregory Isaac's tune by the same name gets revisited by the Cool Ruler- sounding well fresh inna combination 'longside UK's Blackout JA. Cyaan't wait to hear datyaone on a serious system, vinyl copies are out now- gwaan get yo'self a copy an' check the rest for a likkle sound test...

Gregory Isaacs & Blackout JA - Inner City Lady

Etana - August Town (Inner City Lady Riddim)

Gregory Isaacs - Inner City Lady (Inner City Lady Riddim)

Gregory Isaacs & Blackout JA - Inner City Lady (DJ Cut)(Inner City Lady Riddim)

Delroy Wilson - Worth Your Weight In Gold (Worth Your Weight In Gold Riddim)

Etana - Heart Broken (Worth Your Weight In Gold Riddim)

Chantelle Ernandez - My Forever (Worth Your Weight In Gold Riddim)

SoulForce's Well Crucial Mix!

SoulForce outta Germany, known for their hotta hot remixes on da Fizzle label dropped this fresh mix for the German radio station "WDR / Funkhaus Europa". A wide range of vocalists ride original an' refix riddims mostly done by the SoulForce crew. Well hot, your productions nevah stop- an' all a dem a toppa top!

Soulforce Essential Mix Vol.1 - 99.3% Exclusive Productions, Mash Ups & Soulfixes
1. Mitch – SoulForce Special
2. Keith & Tex feat. Shabba Ranks – Dukku Dukku (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
3. SoulForce feat. Skarra Mucci – Gimme Di Lovin' (Fizzle)
4. Delroy Wilson feat. Buju Banton – Good, Better, Best (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
5. SoulForce feat. Tippa Irie – All This Music (Fizzle)
6. Shabba Ranks – Dancehall Ram (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
7. Top Cat – Gal A Look Nice (SoulForce RMX) (Fizzle)
8. Top Cat – Gallist (Prime Time)
9. Busta Rhymes & Will.I.Am – I Love My Bitch (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
10. Busta Rhymes – NY Shit (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
11. SoulForce feat. Tippa Irie – All The Time (SF Digital)
12. Lt. Stitchie – Real Life Story (SoulForce RMX)
13. SoulForce feat. Ill Inspecta – See Wi Shine (SF Digital)
14. Cobra – Thug Anthem (SoulForce RMX)
15. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (SoulForce RMX)
16. Mims & Cham – Why We Hot (SoulForce RMX)
17. Lil Wayne – A Milli (SoulForce RMX)
18. Lil Wayne – Lollipop (SoulForce RMX)
19. Lil Wayne – Fireman (SoulForce RMX)
20. Kardinal Offishal – Belly Dancer (SoulForce RMX)
21. Kardinal Offishal – T Dot (SoulForce RMX)
22. Buju Banton – Champion (SoulForce RMX)
23. Ace Of Base feat. Buju Banton (SoulForce RMX) (Reggae Remix)
24. SoulForce feat. Ward 21 – The Power (Fizzle)
25. Major Jazer feat. Santigold & Mr. Lex – Hold The Line (SoulForce RMX)
26. Drake – Forever (SoulForce RMX)
27. Gucci Mane – I`m The Shit (SoulForce RMX)
28. Tippa Irie – Whole Heap A Style (SoulForce RMX)
29. Ms. Thing – Pum Pum Law (SoulForce RMX)
30. Beenie Man – King Of The Dancehall (SoulForce RMX)
31. Mr. Vegas & Lexxus – Taxi Fare (SoulForce RMX)
32. Sean Paul – Territory (SoulForce RMX)
33. Ronny Trettmann – SoulForce Wochenende
34. Luddy – Militarry Man (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
35. Assassin – Step Pon Dem (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
36. Assassin – Do It If U BAD ! (SoulForce RMX) (Dancehall Killer)
37. SoulForce & Lexie Lee – Buss The Remix Ya
38. Elephant Man – Joke Gal (Cutacombo RMX) (Reggae Remix)
39. Mad Stuntman – I Like To Move It (Jr. Blender RMX) (Champion Sound)
40. Mr. Vegas – Hot Fuck (SoulForce RMX)
41. Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (SoulForce RMX)
42. Sizzla – I`m With The Girls (SoulForce RMX)
43. Jay Z – Encore (SoulForce RMX)
44. Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (SoulForce RMX)
45. Dizzee Rascal – Jus A Rascal (SoulForce RMX)
46. Kool Savas – King RMX (SoulForce RMX)
47. Kool Savas – Mona Lisa (SoulForce RMX)
48. JR & PH7 feat. Guilty Simpson – Top Rank (SoulForce RMX)

Street Bullies Big A Yard & Abroad!

Wicked video produced by Jay Will (Game Over) for Shaggy's Big Yard Music's latest riddim drop. Producer Tony Kelly brings back the ol' time Joyride riddim vibe with an upswing riddim by the name of Street Bullies. The seven inches have been out for a likkle, an are still available in Europe, it's harder still to find dem in the States an' Canada. Yes BYM, keep mashin' it inna Yard an' abroad, cuz ya sound well hard!