Monday, July 28, 2008

Alborosie's Long Awaited Debut Album - Soul Pirate - Still At Sea...

Alberto Dascola AKA Puppa Albo or Alborosie has been makin' waves dropping a flurry of high quality 7" singles on the Forward Recordings label outta JA's Tuff Gong Studios. The sicilian born DJ / Musician / Producer has consciously decided to allow for a groundswell to promote and establish himself outta JA. His promotions start from what he terms his 'roots', releasing his album in Jamaica from the dances up. "I'm close to di people, if I'm doing it for di people, I'm not doing it for myself. I'm close to the inner-city communities. I want my music uplift di people. I want to really take it to the bottom, starting the promotion from the roots," Alborosie said.

His much anticipated debut album Soul Pirate has been ready for release since February of this year- though has yet to be dropped officially- don't be fooled by the unofficial releases... Herbalist, Kingston Town, Guess Who's Coming (To Dinner)?, Rastafari Anthem (on the Last War Riddim), Informer 'longside Lady Ann, Sound Killa, Ghetto, Burnin' & Lootin' feat Kymani Marley, are some of my favourite tracks to date. Alborosie is not new to the reggae/dancehall scene- he's been active for the last 15 years, having helped to form Italy's National Reggae Tickets back in 1993, whose last album Roof Club was released in 2000.

In 2001 Albo decided to move to Jamaica - finding work producing for Gee-Jam and has since been collaborating in the studio with other big names such as Sizzla, Mikal Rose, U Roy, Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Gentleman, Etana and others... The album Soul Pirate is Alborosie's conscious reflections on his life in Jamaica, a life which he views as pirated, hence the name. "I play like six different instruments, I'm a engineer and I mix, so basically the album is me. Its reggae mixed with hip hop, soul and I call it Soul Pirate cause I'm a pirate", he said.

Critics may think of pirate as a form of theft, a European stealing JA's local culture. Alborosie says he does not intend it as a theft, but capturing a forgotten part of Jamaican past.

"Jamaica is a tradition with pirates, to me being in Jamaica you have to be a pirate as a European. I don't really steal music, I see the pirate as a wild person, a rough person as I sail into the ocean, you don't know where you leaving or when you coming back. My soul is a pirate. Soul Pirate is basically my diary. Five years in Jamaica for me, fifteen songs from reggae to hip hop ".

His songs have already created a stir, the video for his first single Herbalist has been banned from TV. "The herbalist tune is just a story of his guy who sell weed from him likkle to big to get rich. Di tune is a big tune in the sound, in the dance." Alborosie has been in great demand - cutting 'nuff dubplates and he's currently doing a European tour 'longside the Sheng Yeng Clan - so check his Myspace page for more info. The first of the sound clips below is his latest track I Am on Germany's African Beat Label's refix of Eric Donaldson's Cherry Oh Baby dat oneya named Cherry Pie Riddim.

Alborosie's Rub-A-Dub revival sound is killa, his wicked production skills are best enjoyed on a boomin' system- so tun' it up so & keep dem comin' Puppa Albo!

Cherry Pie Riddim Mix (African Beat feat. Burro Banton, Alborosie, Uwe Kaa & Phenomden, Top Cat & Spruddy One)

Alborosie - Herbalist

Alborosie - Kingston Town

Alborosie - Guess Who`s Coming To Dinner

Alborosie - Rastafari Anthem (Last War Riddim)

Alborosie & Lady Ann - Informer (Heavenless Riddim)

Alborosie - Sound Killa

Alborosie - Ghetto

Alborosie & Kymani Marley - Burnin`& Lootin`


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