Thursday, August 28, 2008

Million Stylez Mashes John Holt's Police In Helicopter- Inna Fine Style!

Million Stylez AKA Kenshin Iryo is a Swedish-born dancehall artist. He lives in Stockholm and has French and Japanese roots. He first broke outernationally inna 2006, releasing the single Miss Fatty on the KBC label- a wicked riddim dat! an a crazy b side version on the 85 riddim which had great success on dance floors and among DJs all over the world. He followed it up with a red-a-fyah version of Fade Away 2006 'longside Junior Byles which was also released on his From A Far debut album in the same year.

Now fresh for the end of summer jams, Million brings on the heat! Outta the UK, Necessary Mayhem Records have just released a refixed police in helicopter riddim. Featuring the original John Holt / Junjo Lawes riddim an a whole heap' a extras (including some Barrington Levy's Under Mi Sensi samples- Whaaa!). Million Stylez tells us about the police trying to mash down the healing of the nation... A classic Million anthem for the future, for sho...

Check Mr Williamz (outta London NW10- a relative newcomer)'s version Babylon In Helicopter - a BIG tune (featuring Collie Buddz' Come Around samples)! Both tracks as well as YT and Blackout JA's b side versions (on the Shank I Shek riddim) are available as 320 kpps MP3 Downloads on the Necessary Mayhem Website and have just been released on two 7" records. Yess Boss!!

Million Stylez & John Holt - Police In Helicopter (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

Mr Williamz - Babylon In Helicopter (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

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