Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FuryBass Launches A Serious Sound Attack Inna Militant Style An' Fashion!

FuryBass Sound System outta Paris, France launches their FuryBass Label with this hotta hot riddim pack. Skillfully selecting classic an' risin' artists to ride their version of the Billie Jean / Get a Lick Riddim, re-dubbed de Militant Riddim. Wicked production an' vibes on these first 7 tracks, presented on FuryBass's own Militant Riddim Megamix. Junior Roy in combination with Colonel Maxwell kill it on the FuryBass Dubplate Special - Sound Attack fee real, love to hear more from Jr. Roy (never heard anything else from this promising yout). Be sure to check the Don Camilo, Biga an' Colonel Maxwell's Militant Riddim promo live session video below, as well as FuryBass' s upcomin' releases - including three more 7" on dis ya riddim, featuring Don Camilo, Andrew Bees, Supa Black and Zareb on their Myspace page. Keep dem comin' Iyah - FuryBass brings the fyah like no otha, votre son est le top-a-toppa!

FuryBass - Militant Riddim Megamix
Michael Rose - Never Let Babylon Fool U
Tony D - Determine
Mikey Melody - Stand Up & Chant
Colonel Maxwell - Heart Attack
Carl Meeks - Help Me Jah
Biga - Nah Buss Mi Gun Fa Nuhum
Murray Man - Break Dem Barriers
Version Militant Rythm (Tribute - Own Mission)

Jr. Roy & Maxwell - Sound Attack (Dubplate)

Video - Don Camilo, Biga & Colonel Maxwell (Militant Riddim Session)

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