Monday, February 9, 2009

Joey Fever's Back With A Blast!

Sweden's Joey Fever, featured previously on the Prison Oval Rock Riddim posting is truly back with a blast. Stockholm's Fast Forward Sound has put together a dirty likkle riddim track, sounding like an Intercom Riddim inspired digital era Jammy's style - aptly titled Love My Riddim. The vinyl version has yet to be dropped, surely Soundquake will be sportin' this one soon... Check Fast Forward Sound's web page for other versions on this riddim, more info and prerelease cd links. Yes Sweden Massive - keep hottin' up da place, an' like FFS's MySpace motto says - "And now a soundbwoy will end up inna Waterloo" - fee true? Check it!

Joey Fever - Back With A Blast (Love My Riddim)

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