Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metric Man A True Freedom Fighter!

"Metric Man" A.K.A. "The Freedom Fighter" gives voice to the depth and breath of his Caribbean Heritage with a sound straight from the streets of Laventille Road and Maloney Gardens Trinidad and Tobago, spannin' the neighbouring Islands and landing in the hills and valleys of Jamaica; yes, including, if not especially Kingston.

One hears the subtle hints of the ol' Calypsonian's metaphoric messages conveying political activism's and social consciousness, seamlessly blended with a pronounced Reggae vibe with profound and at times blunt calls to action! "The Freedom Fighter" conveys his message in a rough and raspy, yet smooth and captivating voice. In him you hear the voice of the People chantin' for Peace, Justice, and Equal Rights for all of mankind. The first two tracks off his newly dropped demo Freedom of Speech - Conqueror and Revolution are my personal faves, yes Metric Man keep mashin' Babylon!

Metric Man - Conqueror

Metric Man - Revolution

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