Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Highlight Riddim Dub Akom Outta France!

Serious highlight this! Dub Akom are riddim makers and a backing band outta Marseilles, France. They're comin' on strong, strong, strong with a wicked riddim and top vocalist to galang. Seven inch vinyl versions off their own Akom Records label, as well as digital downloadable versions are now available from Blessed Love and Soundquake. Check the riddim mix put together by the Dub Akom crew, as well as their videos - wid me favourite pon top - Natty King's Still Have Love. Dub Akom is set to back Jah Mason on the 5th of June in Montpellier. Bravo les gars, continuez comme ├ža! For more info and other Dub Akom productions check their MySpace page. Dub Akom your sound a rootically crucial, gwaan an' keep mashin' Babylon - y'all!

Dub Akom - Highlight Riddim Mix

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