Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Collie Buddz Second Album - Who's Smokin' Rocks?

Damn, seems like a whole heap a imposter albums out deyah... Collie Buddz is due to release his second album any day now and floatin' round pon de web has been this sham album called On The Rock. Many of the tracks are from Collie's early works with Harper Digital, done well before his 2007 self titled debut album. Some a dem tracks are in fact new tunes, due to be released shortly- but what gives disya one away, is the fact dat dem put C'Daynger's Bun Down D System on it- WHHAAA?!?! It's a big tune still, massive even, but not Collie's. They do both hail from Bermuda's Harper Digital crew, and C'Daynger should ifficially release something - when is that mixtape comin' out breda? Well anyway, Collie has dropped a few new tunes, that aren't included in dat fakey On The Rock. Par Wid I Mon, Now She's Gone and Serious have been posted for free download on Collie Buddz' MySpace page, follow da links below, for a taste of algo auténtico!

Collie Buddz - Par Wid I Mon (2009)
Collie Buddz - Now She's Gone (2009)
Collie Buddz - Serious (2009)

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