Thursday, September 30, 2010

Buju's New Album & Ting...

Well Buju has released his latest album Before The Dawn, as he continues to wait on his trial- now set for December... Though the album rounds up previous works voiced an' cut at Gargamel Studios, it is his latest tracks- recorded inna jail that have been consistently hard hitting. So on the heels of Juke Boxx's Damage Control Riddim, comes Skatta Productions' Pig Farm Riddim. Nice simple throwback style, allowing for Buju to really work the lyrical content all da while! Fresh artist MasSicker's Innocent is a wicked chune billed as Free Buju Part 2 - building up the roster of Buju supporters such as Cocoa Tea, Sizzla, Anthony B, an' others too - yeah man, free Buju!

Buju Banton - Any Means (Pig Farm Riddim)

MasSicker - Innocent (Free Buju Part II)

Flippa Mafia - Popular Demand (Pig Farm Riddim)

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