Sunday, March 21, 2010

Necessay Mayhem Reactivates Police In Helicopter Riddim!

Wiiicked dis! Da Grynch AKA Curtis Lynch hits hard with another Necessary Mayhem drop on a yet again reversioned Police In Helicopter Riddim. High caliber 7" press an' even higha caliber sound. Nice heavy rub a dub vibes to fill da dance Iyah- pure fyah!

Police In Helicopter Reactivated Riddim Mix - DJ Momox

Joggo - Don't Stop The Music (Police In Helicopter Reactivated)

Maikal X - Get Away (Police In Helicopter Reactivated)

Mr Williamz & YT - Sound Murderer (Police In Helicopter Reactivated)

Ziggi - Pretender (Police In Helicopter Reactivated)

1 comment:

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