Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Massive B Tun Golden Hen Platinum!

Massive B nah stop, heavy sounds still dem a drop. The documentary above sheds some light on the Massive B Soundsystem an record label - big tings a gwaan, solid from di foundation! The latest release a di Golden Hen AKA Diseases riddim reloaded... Bobby Kondors fiyahs pure shots with top ranking vocalist, makin dem chunes hard to miss. Yuh soun bigga dan big - a Massive B nicin' up di dance an' party!

Selecta Firlefanz - Platinum Hen Riddim Mix (Massive B)
Burro Banton - Hot Blood
Garnett Silk - Run Sound Boy
Majah Hype - Bad Like We
King Kong & Khari Kill - Such Man Say

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safe meds said...

I have wanted to listen to Massive B so many things, but always some things come up that do not let me listen to it