Sunday, May 22, 2011

Necessary Mayhem A Showcase Mr Williamz!

Necessary Mayhem a gwaan again!!! Curtis Lynch Jnr. brings out some new productions 'longside some reworked an maybe overlooked hits, showcasing JA/UK top a top artist Mr Williamz. Fresh drops include Last Night the EP's title track on which Mr Willz saddles Treasure Isle's Ali Baba Riddim (courtesy of Chris Peckings) in fine fashion, followed by Shell Down featuring Clinton "Specialist" Moss on a wicked soundin' Entertainment Riddim - real soundkilla!!! - and Money Fi Spend on the Real Rock Riddim is an alternate version of the Money Friend dropped late last year. Ganja Smokin on the Shank I Shek Riddim was also released a likkle while back, but well worth revisiting. To top off this 5 track EP, Curtis fiyahs a scorchin' dubplate version of Williamz' Real General offa the reworked (Supercat) Come Down Riddim. Mr Williamz an' Curtis Lynch, don't forget 'bout releasin' dem 7"! Mr Williamz' Last Night EP - out already on iTunes an' elsewhere still on May 24th - is a vital selection an' a well tight production: sharp vocals an di ruffest bass- yah cyan stop from mash up di place!

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4rx said...

in my personal opinion,. Mr Williamz is great, he is a really good musician who is not so much known in the big music world unfortunately