Sunday, October 9, 2011

Max Tannone's Mix A Echo!

Max Tannone's Echo is a crucial foundation style mix for UK's Oki-Ni Mix Series, here is a description in his own words from the Oki-Ni website:

'I got really into dub reggae after my Mos Dub project. The historical and cultural factors that engendered this sound are recounted in Lloyd Bradley's outstanding book 'Bass Culture'. I watched films like 'Roots, Rock, Reggae, Babylon', and 'Dub Echoes' and dug through YouTube for clips of Jamaican and British sound systems.

What was it really like at Lee Perry's mysterious Black Ark recording studio? Or to be under the stars dancing to roots tunes driven through King Tubby's Hometown Hi-Fi? Although this brief snapshot of history has come and gone, the musical foundations laid by its founders are everlasting. Dub is the architect of the modern remix, and its ties to contemporary hip-hop and electronic music are innate.

This mix, Echo, is a selection of my favourite dub and roots tunes. It also includes some deejay toasting (a vital element of early Jamaican sound systems) and the beginnings of "digital dub", which saw the influence of digital recording equipment and instrumentation. Echo is an amalgamation of what I love about dub: Heavy bass and drums, haunting yet beautiful melodies, humor, and an underlying sense of hope and determination. Find a sunny spot, put some ice in your glass, and enjoy the echoes of this rich musical history that are still reverberating today.'

- Big respect Max, gwaan let di music play!

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