Sunday, September 14, 2008

Collie Buddz Hustles A Likkle Prison Oval Rock Riddim!

Since Mr. Vegas' Mus Come A Road 7" single release last month on the A Team label, the Prison Oval Rock Riddim Version refixed by Rellee (on the b side) has been floatin' round... Here is a fresh new vocal version, brought to you by Collie Buddz, dis oneya named Hustle. The production of the instrumental track is virtually unchanged, just a likkle drop and boost here and deyah. Barrington's snippets are maintained and Collie's vocals have a raw freestyle flow to dem, nice lyrical content too- as he describes his experiences crossin' borders after havin' built up a rep for his tune Come Around - yes-I, another ganjaman anthem... True ya nah stop Collie, make it bun!

Collie Buddz - Hustle (Prison Oval Rock / Mus Come A Road Riddim)


Anonymous said...

big respect're very informed i see!! greetings from ital-y!

Anonymous said...

send me that tune!

Anonymous said...

the tune is posted, just click on the song title (in green) just above the imeem player.

Anonymous said...
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