Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jamaican Boy - Estelle's American Boy Gets A Classic JA Treatment Inna Bost & Bim Stylee Featuring Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger!

Bustin' outta France with a classic Jamaican sounding version, (Matthieu) Bost & (Jeremie Dessus) Bim drop a heavy adaptation of Estelle and Kanye West's American Boy entitled Jamaican Boy. What a wicked original rootsy riddim - dat one ya named Muddy Skank, topped nicely with hot vocal deliveries by California's Brisa Roché and Jamaica's one and only Lone Ranger! This track represents the first official release on the newly renamed Bombist Officials label (following their 20 prior 7" mashup hits on the Bombist Records label). Check the Bost & Bim Myspace page or their website for more tracks and info on this prolific remix, DJ and riddim cuttin' duo. The Jamaican Boy single (with b side dub) will be released on 7" vinyl and should be available any day now. This one a sure shot and spicier than the peppa pot! Bost & Bim - c'est trop fort les gars, continuez comme ça- hotta-fyah!

Bost & Bim Feat. Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy (A Side)

Bost & Bim Feat. Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy (B Side - Dub Version)

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