Monday, November 24, 2008

Junior Natural Steppin' Outta Babylon!

Check this Swedish yute outta Uppsala - at age 13, Junior Natural is about to drop his first full length album. Having cut his first track Number One Girl, which was mastered at Tuff Gong Studios, at age 12, he's been steadily garnishing more attention from the European dancehall scene. He has been featured on several Scandinavian TV shows, French Radio shows and has put out a promo CD entitled Rising Son featuring combination tracks with Lutan Fyah and Lazee - which is floatin' round the Net. He first started makin' waves internationally in Feb. 2008, as his track Fallback was featured on a compilation entitled Scandinavian Hip Hop Invasion off of France's Border Blaster International label. He has a great voice and shows a lot of interest in exploring different styles an' fashions - certain musical influences bubble to the surface in his tone an' flow - Supercat, Yami Bolo, White Mice - strong foundation fee true!

He has performed live on stage and on air with artists such as Shaggy and Gentleman. As Junior Natural explains in This Is My Story, he has grown up inna well conscious environment with his parents providing 'nuff guidance and inspiration (his first track was dedicated to his mother and his father Daddy Natural has provided his expertize as an established musician via his lyrics, riddim building and production skills- as displayed on Fallback). Shaggy's producer/manager Robert Livingstone also had Junior voice a track, which I have not yet heard entitled One In A Million. His tunes Stronger, The Truth and What Is Going On are exemplary of his conscious content and positive vibe - check his MySpace page for these sounds, as well as more info.

Nice to see de yutes dem steppin' outta Babylon - keep risin' strong Iyah!

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Anonymous said...

im amazed & impressed by this kid who shocks the hell out of me when he opens his mouth. All i have to say is WOW, WOW. This kid takes it bacr to the real essence of true reggae music, im jjst still shocked & amazed at this skater board looking kid with such powerful words & message.