Monday, November 24, 2008

Police In Helicopter Again... YT Brings On The Necessary Mayhem!

UK's Necessary Mayhem label is at it again... They have released several new tracks on the Police In Helicopter Riddim and the Shank I Shenk Riddim. Both of these riddims have been doing quite well for them internationally as Bills feat. Blackout JA, Michie One, YT and Mr Williamz on the Shank I Shenk has been climbing the charts 'longside their devastating revamp of John Holt's Police In Helicopter featuring Million Stylez, as well as Mr. Williamz take on the same riddim Babylon In Helicopter (see prior posts for more info an' sounds).

Now for the freshies:

YT - Heat Seeking Camera (Police In Helicopter Riddim)

Blackout JA - Reggae Rebel (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Glenn Lewis - Don't You Forget It (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Mr Williamz - Ganja Smokin' (Shank I Shenk Riddim)

Very reasonably priced 320 kbps MP3 digital download versions are available through the Necessary Mayhem website and nowhere else, so be sure to check dem out as well as their MySpace page.

Not just Necessary Mayhem it a - CRUCIAL - Mayhem Iyah!

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