Sunday, January 23, 2011

Necessay Mayhem A Pass The Kutchie!

Curtis Lynch Jr. a mash dance again wid dis scorchin' riddim revamp. Mighty Diamonds 'longside Yellowman an' Mr. Williamz ride di Full Up/Pass The Kutchie Riddim in fine rub-a-dub style. Other featured combinations are newcomer Kassi with Tippa Irie an' Benny Page with Mr. Williamz (inna D&B style - not my ting but...), as well as Franz Job doin' a solo track - Curtis Lynch keep up di sound attack- fyah!

Pass The Kutchie Riddim Mix (Necessary Mayhem 2011)

Mighty Diamonds, Yellowman & Mr. Williamz - Pass The Kutchie
Tippa Irie & Kassi - Soon As I Get Home
Franz Job - Special Lover
Mr. Williamz - Tommy Ranks
Benny Page & Mr. Williamz - Pass The Kutchie (D&B Mix)

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