Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ninety Riddim A Dangerous Still!

Courtney Melody's Bad Boy originally produced by Winston Riley gets a reworking, inna pure strip down stylee. Kubiyashi Productions outta St. Vincent an' the Grenadines launch this riddim revamp in fine style, with some hot versions fi true, featuring Darrio, Mr Evil, newcomers Kenyatta, Problem Child, an' more still... Kubiyashi sprinkle original Courtney and Lyn Collins vocal samples, giving di tracks dem a 90s throwback feel fi real. Ol' time someting come back again, run an' tell yuh friend- BOOM!

Problem Child - Real Badboy (Ninety Riddim)

Darrio - Dancehall Sweet (Ninety Riddim)

Kenyatta - Clarks (Ninety Riddim)

Mr Evil - Wine Yuh Body (Ninety Riddim)

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