Monday, August 29, 2011

Wrongtom's 90s Dancehall Mix A Real Brainer!

UK DJ / producer Wrongtom collabs with Brainer Magazine for this well fresh 90s dancehall mix - Brainer Mix Vol.2 Nineties Trample fee true an a free download too!

Wrongtom - Nineties Trample (Brainer Magazine 2011)
Beenie Man & Angel Doolas - Skettel Tune
Daddy Freddy - Baba Loo Baba La Baba Loo Baba La
Buju Banton - Talking
Elephant Man - Many Many
Super Cat - Don Dada
Tippa Irie - Leaf Branch & Stem
Capleton - Number 1 Pon The Look Good Chart
Chicken Hawk - Hawk De Pon De Mike
Daddy Freddy - Rather To Die
Little Lenny - Gun In A Baggie
General Levy - The Wig
Red Dragon - Cock Up High
Country Speng - Shot Too Dear
Determine - Give The Poor The Blame
Top Cat - Tell Me What U Want
General Levy - Original Length & Strength
Capleton - Stay Far From Trouble
Mr Vegas - Western End
Crissy D - Hot Gal
Little Kirk & Alley Cat - Nineties Trample
Beenie Man - Damsel Ship

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Great mix type! I have to admit that this put me on the dance floor you know. Thanks for share.