Monday, August 29, 2011

Singin Gold's Riddim Tuffa Still!

Outta Edinburgh, Scotland a slew of sick 80s digikal inspired productions have been dispensed by Riddim Tuffa Sound. Now on to their 9th ifficial release on their Tuffa Dubs record label, they seem to be gathering steam working with the likes of Robert Lee, Little Kirk, Lt. Stitchie, El Fata, Blackout JA, an' others still. Singin Gold & Symbiz's Marchin On gets reworked in fine digi-fashion, wicked production - well worth di mention... Riddim Tuffa kno how fi ride computah!

Singin Gold & Symbiz - Marchin On (Riddim Tuffa Sound 2011)

Riddim Tuffa Sound - 80s Digital Dancehall Mixtape

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xl pharmacy said...

I really like this riddim. I hope that more artist could sing in this riddim like kartel and movado, it could be awesome..